- We Present You a Special FCFC With Slingblade and his Lamborghini Aventador

On today's, Fast Casual, Faster Cars, we are invited to stroll behind Slingblade in his Lamborghini Aventador to revisit the days that launched his career as a notorious producer.

“Slingblade is a record producer and songwriter for a serious label, home to a variety of talented musicians.”

DISCLAIMER: Here on FCFC, we respect the right to privacy of our guests. All names, locations, and cars have been changed to suit the digital market. Everything else is all yours for entertainment purposes.

This is a true rockstar moment. Instead of lunch outside, we have been insisted to mount up our stage 2 camera equipment right here inside of Sling’s Lamborghini for our #SuperLunch interview.


DISCLAIMER: Here on FCFC, we respect the right to privacy of our guests. All names, locations, and cars have been changed to suit the digital market. Everything else is all yours for entertainment purposes.

Nuvelty Media, 2019.

We recaptioned the following transcript of the interview from our recorded lunch session.


*Since, by law we are not allowed (yet) to actually drive with our guests, our guest for the afternoon decided to change it up to a spot that he wanted to visit, which takes him back to the days of what motivated his inner producer to become such a largely known and successful record producer.

We pulled up into the parking lot of his old stomping grounds, where, I immediately stormed the front seat of his Lamborghini to begin this 1st - ever - FCFC location via the guests expense.

Time - 1:10p

Location - Slingblade’s old stomping ground fast food establishment

Lunchtime items - (secret menu items: (1) Large cup of tater tots, (1) Large cup of french fries, (4) Large cups of pizza bites with extra sauce containers of ranch and honey mustard, (2) cookies, (2) bottled waters, extra, Extra, EXtra, EXTra, EXTRa, EXTRA napkins, and a generous tip for the delivery of the order.

SB: You see, when riding in vehicles, you can never spill anything - its the rule. So, by default, in those days, we only made away with the things that never could damage the car. Alright, take your two cups there, place them on the side like this (*I proceeded to “smush” the lower portions of the cups to slip alongside my hip and the center console). Now, use your napkins and wrap this cup up for this slot here (I wrapped my pizza tots in napkins and, again smushed the lower portion to slip into the door well and where my hip bone met), and now, you are hands free with your bites and a water, or whatever you want to do. Swiping the napkins from the bags, SB stretches these out and folds them underneath the sun visors overhead.

I know what you may be thinking, eating like this in a Lambo, but, She’s just a car - a very expensive one - but nevertheless, a car. Used as a means for driving, pleasure, making memories, sharing in those memories, experiences - Yes, experiences - that is what matters to me at the end of the day. The best experiences for the brightest moments.

(reaching for tator tots) Alright, that’s enough of me, you start this interview however you normally run it (forcing the tots into his dreaded bearded face)

FCFC: I believe we are already onto the oceanic waters of improvisation at this point, which is not bad at all. Just like two old chaps - the two dudes in a Lamborghini enjoying lunch.

And from the looks of it, the people around us are enjoying it as well. (As cars and patrons made their way into and from the establishment, we were having phones raised in our faces as if they were proving they owned a phone - quite a moment)

SB: See what I mean? Sharing in the delight. Experiences, man.

FCFC: Why are we here?

SB: We are here because this was my last, ever, legitimate job - before I found myself running records and discs. It was here that began that chapter, which, leads me back to right now, fortunately, to be able to be where I am now.

FCFC: Let's have a fast forward highlight reel of the moment you left this job, to, first, wanting this Lamborghini and how you obtained it.

SB: Alright, lets highlight reel this playbook:

I started working here in the summer, stayed for about four and half months

left here to go to records and discs, which was bought out by Major Record Corp.

became the leading salesman, started up a private back parlour studio - without permission - for local bands and hosted late night shows

ran the energy bill up operating the building 24/7 for 3 months and was fired

found another record store that was open late night and worked that as a janitor

ran another operation that “linked up” new bands and musicians,

met chief executive officer Lars Brownshield - who drove a Lamborghini and this is where I first fell in love with the car.

another year goes by working there, now, I am closing manager of the shop for after hours shows to take place, in which we extended into 4am

Mr. Brownshield becomes a regular nighttime reviewer of the bands, a lot of the bands got picked up and out by his record company, in which, he offers me a gig at his studio as a manager there.

Brownshield expands his empire, purchasing four of the six remaining chains in the city, making his label notorious around the region.

With new opportunities brings new sounds, and the talent alongside it

I am now running shows during the evening and chopping records during the day

Brownshield makes his label public, I am chief engineer and talent scout

And here we are, thirteen and a half years later, I am running boards and sounds for a variety of clients that are extremely talented, and producing amazing music in the process.

Oh, yea, I bought this Lambo as my 38th birthday present last year. Used, but, still, “MY” Lambo.

FCFC: That is a fast and wild ride of an adventure. You truly show and present the hustler mindstate, EVEN THOUGH, you were fired for running late night shows into the early morning.

I mean, that was the stepping stone that put you to where you are now, in a sense. I mean, with a long list of other factors that helped. You truly made the stride to become a legend in the music business.

SB: I thank you, and yes, a lot of this was luck, but, you have to have your own magical potions and sauces to add into the mix whenever possible.

I slept in my old Nissan when I got fired from here, just to pay the nightly performers to come and play for the store before I was fired. You know, using that rent money that was going to the landlord, I was flipping that as fuel for the store and the presence of the label to build something greater by paying artists and feeding the crowds with cheap snacks and knock-off beverages. It worked out well, and a lot of people enjoyed the simple gesture of hospitality. Blame it on my Southern roots.

You know, little dunks of sauce like this can help you along your path in a positive way.

FCFC: You slept in the car?

SB: Yeaaa, man, I did, sometimes not even leaving the parking lot. I was always at the store, working the day, hosting the night, all I needed was a bath and food to remain running as a flesh machine, and I ran around the clock. I had to.

FCFC: Hah, now you have what, five bathrooms? (Laughter)

SB: Three, but the house is not important. It’s only for the wife and kids.

FCFC: I understand. Safety and security.

SB: You got that right.

FCFC: So, what’s the deal with this Lamborghini? Give me some fun facts.

SB: Well, she’s used. A standard Lambo, nothing to fancy, however, I had a lot of engine work done to make my “rallycations” a bit more pleasurable. I do drive her daily, it is my second car that I own - on crazy weather days, I drive my ( SUV), - if you look to your right, the latch that is underneath you, I have that swapped with my initals. If you look overhead, underneath the lining of the roof, I have a small rally kit screen installed that can flip down to your view.

Underneath your seat, is a full rack and pinion table mount that hosts electricity to a laptop and four USB connection cords that allows for our electronics to charge when you slide it out and over top of your seated position.

She is a low key stealth Rally Lambo, and that is just how I like it.

FCFC: You rally? Meaning, you road rally? Like Bullrun, Gumball, Goldrush rally?

SB: Yes, I do. And my wife and I are a team, sometimes in separate cars, and we participated in a few before. The girls would usually drive the SUV for support tools, gear, luggage - since we only have enough space for our absolute essentials - and a few auxiliary items, but, A LOT of fun.

FCFC: Any other tricks inside of this Lambo?

SB: Just cable and WiFi packs for internet and undisturbed mobile calling, that is pretty much it.

FCFC: What does owning this supercar mean to you?

SB: I bought a toy that I really wanted and I get to play with it everyday.

FCFC: What is your next vehicle of purchase that you want?

SB: Since I am no longer solo, I have been eyeing something like a Macan S, or that crazy 6x6 by Mercedes. Either way, I have to have something with carrying capacity of at LEAST four people present.

FCFC: That 6x6 is crazy! Whichever you do decide on, would you come back for another interview - and allow us to purchase lunch next time?

SB: Absolutely, I’ll even you get you behind the wheel near the house, if you ever get that stupid ban lifted (laughter)

FCFC: Trust me, we are working on the legalities of that as we speak. Sling, I thank you for the interview and lunch and the chance to sit here and interview you INSIDE of the Lamborghini Aventador today.

SB: Pleasure was all mine. “STAY IN SCHOOL, Kids. You’ll live longer!”

FCFC: And there you have it, the interview with the 'Blade' "inside" of the Lamborghini for lunch. We thank you and the crews and staffers that were a part of this first ever recording LIVE within the Supercar special.

I would like to thank our sponsors, shouts to Real Racing 3 (download their app here), and the host for lunch this afternoon.

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