- We sit down with NIssan GT-R owner "Wally" for lunch

Today's 'Fast Casual, Faster Car' is the [Nissan GT-R Premium R35] owned by ("Wally").

("Wally") is a sales executive within a professional sports league franchise.

DISCLAIMER: Here on FCFC, we respect the right to privacy of our guests. All names, locations, and cars have been changed to suit the digital market. Everything else is all yours for entertainment purposes.

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DISCLAIMER: Here on FCFC, we respect the right to privacy of our guests. All names, locations, and cars have been changed to suit the digital market. Everything else is all yours for entertainment purposes.


Time? 03:04pm

Location: Wildflower Bread Company

Fast Casual Lunch? (1) half sandwich: Wildflower Almond Tuna, (1) Mediterranean salad, (1) half sandwich: Turkey Breast & Brie, (1) Caesar salad with croutons on the side, (2) slices of the Old-fashion Toffee Tart pie, (2) BlackBerry orange lemonades, (2) bottled waters, and extra napkins.

FCFC: Ladies and Gentlemen, of the FCFC community, we welcome you back to another fantastic episode of "Fast Casual, Faster Cars", and this beautiful midday afternoon, we have the honor in sharing lunch and legacy with, "Wally" and his Nissan GT-R Special [R35].

FCFC: Wally, welcome, and thank you for joining us for lunch this afternoon.

"Wally": It is a pleasure to be here, and I thank you for lunch today. I haven't eaten anything all day, so this was needed. (Laughing) I was growing 'hangry' just a bit.

FCFC: Well, here on FCFC, we are delighted to cure all matters of depletion and undernourishment, specializing in auto's to appetites. #SuperLunch#.

"Wally": Mission accomplished, my friend.

FCFC: With a happy tummy, can you share a bit on the first inkling that you wanted the GT-R in your collection?

"Wally": We have to go back to high school for me. During those days, a lot of my friends, as well as myself, was DEEP into the Fast & Furious scene. Import Tuner was like the Holy Word for us, so, you can imagine what our cars were mirroring. The thing about me was, I was never big on body kits and mega modifications, I couldn't afford them, either, so, I naturally did things that was labeled sleeper styled additions.

Which was right up my financial alley. I kept to the more mechanical and performance side of upgrades, nothing over-the-top mind you. However, my ride (the Nissan 300ZX) was sleek and perfect (and fast) in her own skin.

Fast forward five years, and I graduate from college and landed this present career role, I still had this car up until about a year ago. After working hard and crushing in the industry, I was awarded the title of closing about a million dollars in repeating business, and awarded the options of some rather expensive gift selections. One being an all expenses covered journey for 2 weeks around South America and Asia for myself and four guests, or, the choice of a Ferrari 458, or my present car, the GT-R with 2 years free maintenance and a premium service perk package.

The trips sounded amazing and my family and I would have had a blast, but, with our crazy schedules and our own family lives in full operation, the scheduling would not have worked out. I passed on the 458 due to just how much maintaining such a supercar costs at the end of the day. It would have made for an amazing weekend car, but, I enjoy to play with my toys, not keep them tucked away for special days or occasions. So, my immediate and obvious choice was this quiet beast of mechanical art and machinery.

..it had to be one that could race on sundays, commute on mondays.

-wally's father

"FCFC": I believe we have our first #Supersleeper# on Fast Casual? (Looks around to the camera *thumbs up*) And I bet we will have some comments as to why you made the selection you did, coming from all angles, but, at the end of the day, you have a toy that you can enjoy and even take to the track, give her a bath, and proceed to work the following day, as if you did not just have her screaming around a racetrack at 170.

"Wally": That has always been like a rule that I have adopted, no matter what vehicle I thought of for a future purchase, it had to be one that could race on Sundays, commute on Mondays. My father was known for this. Which, after thinking about it, is where that comes from. From his Mercedes Cosworth 190E, to a garage of Ford Mustangs, it had to be a well rounded applicant from road to track and back again.

FCFC: We might have to schedule something with you and your Father on your auto allegiance to this philosophy in the future.

"Wally" (Laughing) He would love that, the man has the 'gift of gab', let's chat after the interview.

FCFC: Wally, I truly thank you for dining and discussing your story with us about your GT-R. You have an amazing and similar history with owning this piece of art, and again, thank you for the interview.

"Wally": Oh, no, the pleasure was all mine. I had a blast. And now I am ready for work! (Laughing)

FCFC: Yes, and happy to serve you. Making a positive even better, one interview at a time.

Now, my last and tradition question to you before you depart, “what does ‘owning’ your very own supercar mean for you?" Also - "if you purchase another supercar, would you, 1. Come back for another interview / story, and 2. What supercar do you have your eye focused on for the future?"

"Wally": Owning a supercar means you prefer to enjoy the thrill of what proper mechanics and machinery can achieve when working well together. Just like the body and professional sports; when aligned well for any position as an elite athlete, you're able to perform in such a manner, that these mechanics of the body and mind shapes for superior artistry, and the price tag of service that is rendered.

FCFC: Spoken like a true professional, Wally. (Laughing)

"Wally": (Laughing) Well, it's only facts.

FCFC: Indeed it is. What about your next purchase, and would you come back for lunch and round 2?

"Wally": Absolutely! The next purchase for me, I have not given not much thought, to be honest. But, if the mood is right, and I had an extra parking spot, the BMW i8 would be my choice. The only thing, though, could I manage both road and track with the electric aspect. Which I think is possible with my driving style.

We'll see, though.

FCFC: With another term of successful sales, we believe you have the potential for both, my friend.

And on that note, ladies and gentlemen, This has been “Fast Casual, Faster Cars” with “Wally" and his Nissan GT-R Premium [R35]".

Thanks to our sponsors of the day: Wildflower Bread Company (wildflowerbread.com) & Real Racing 3 by Electronic Arts. (Download the App here: www.ea.com/games/real-racing/real-racing-3

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