- FCFC has lunch with Pagani Zonda owner, "Peaches"

Today's 'Fast Casual, Faster Car' is the [Pagani Zonda Roadster F] owned by ("Peaches").

("Peaches") is a Grammy award winning composer, instrumentalist, and Internationally acclaimed producer.

DISCLAIMER: Here on FCFC, we respect the right to privacy of our guests. All names, locations, and cars have been changed to suit the digital market. Everything else is all yours for entertainment purposes.

NUvelty mEDIA, 2019.


DISCLAIMER: Here on FCFC, we respect the right to privacy of our guests. All names, locations, and cars have been changed to suit the digital market. Everything else is all yours for entertainment purposes.


Time? 12:30p

Location? Sweet Tomatoes

Fast Casual Lunch? (2) Joan’s Broccoli Madness with Bacon & Cashews, (1) Baked Sweet Potato, (1) Classic Macaroni & Cheese, Buttermilk Cornbread, (2) Chocolate Brownies, (1) Taco Turkey Salad w/ Chipotle Ranch Dressing, (1) Cheese Corn Chowder w/ Bacon, (2) waters with cups of ice, and extra napkins.

FCFC: We are back, once again, with another Fast Casual, Faster Cars on this beautiful day without a cloud overhead. I am honored to be in the presence of, a lady who is responsible for a lot of the music, sounds, and compositions that have been inside of A LOT of our childhood racing games, not to mention her own portfolio that has been recognized and awarded by International standards, and a forever expanding production company which began her journey - I present to you, "Peaches".

I thank you for meeting with us today, with a wonderful piece of artistry beside you.

"Peaches": I thank you for having me on, as well as lunch. I have never been here before.

FCFC: You can thank our production coordinator for that one.

"Peaches": 'Thank you, production coordinator, lunch was terrific! You did an amazing job!'

You should give them a raise!

FCFC: ALRIGHT! Moving on. Let's jump right into this interview, shall we? (Laughing)

"Peaches": (Laughing) Alright, alright, let's begin.

FCFC: (Laughing) The Pagani Roadster and "Peaches". How did this combination become to be?

"Peaches": I will give you the brief summary of how we became to be. I was working in the United Kingdom on a major motion picture, and my Husband had dropped by the studio with tickets to visit and watch a taping of the show, 'Top Gear'. It was right around the time of my birthday, and he knew that I was busy on a film score assignment, so, just to get away and spend a day away from music of humans and instruments, we decided to spend the day in the presence of supercars and fellow Top Gear fans.

Fast forward to the day of the Top Gear taping, I was 'surprised' with a VIP meet and greet, as well as a private baptism of sitting inside of the featured cars that were headlining on the show. Just so happens, the Pagani Roadster had been the car of the hour, and I was met with ANOTHER surprise; a Pagani bouquet of merchandise. Sunglasses, rally cap, an autographed Pagani history catalog from the Italian HQ dealership, a few t-shirts, rally scarf, leather driving gloves, and, inside of an envelope was an official Pagani Roadster keychain and mock key fob that was (soon to be) mine.

I had been gifted my very own Pagani Roadster for my birthday. This was truly one for the books - absolutely unforgettable.

FCFC: Your husband really set the bar - I have made notes for myself and my future wife, but, there is still a long way to go transitioning from birthday cakes and handbags to VIP shows and supercars (laughing).

anything you set your mind towards, wholeheartedly, you already give yourself a 75% opportunity to achieve whatever your 'it' may be.

- pEACHES, 2019.

"Peaches": It is a positive stretch, for sure. Just remember that anything you set your mind towards, wholeheartedly, you already give yourself a 75% opportunity to achieve whatever your 'it' may be.

FCFC: I understand, but, I do want to know, were you into cars of this magnitude before the music career you made for yourself, or, did this appreciation accumulate within the expansion of your career?

"Peaches": I had always enjoyed cars and motorcycles. My parents we're bikers, so, when I was born, they made the decision to trade in their bikes for something I could ride along in as well, but still maintained that spirit of performance and high speed capacity. My Mother had a bright red Porsche 928, and my Father went with a BMW seven series (E23). Originally, the 928 was my Father's, but my Mother was more of a professional behind the badge. That's what I was always told. I believe "speeding tickets" is what really did it for my Father to swap keys (Laughter).

Then, my first car wasn't purchased until I graduated from music school and could no longer rely on public transportation for work. I was fortunate enough to afford a Porsche 968 that my Father wanted for himself, and he even offered to wash, “weekly”, for the next four and a half years that I was working in the same city, just to have a test drive and "make sure it's running alright" for me. (Laughing).

Then, this is where we get the [Pagani Zonda] 'F', from a birthday "day" at the Top Gear warehouse while on assignment.

OH! A quick fun fact for you, I can show you the exact position* of where we were standing during the show with the 'F':

November, 2008. TopGear.com*

November, 2008. TopGear.com*

*Due to legal ramifications and the rights of the Networks of interest, this is the photo authorized and approved for digital replication and modification with the edits made.

(Nuvelty. Fast Casual, Faster Cars. 2019)

FCFC: Wow, that is amazing. And you got to view the 'Titans of Toys' playing with the soon-to-be car that is standing right before us. What an experience, Peaches.

"Peaches": It surely is one that will remain within the family, I will never sell this work of art. Ever.

"FCFC: I know you wouldn't. A lot of value for you in this supercar. Beyond the monetary aspect, this is sentimental. A wonderful connection, indeed.

"Peaches": Absolutely.

FCFC: Peaches, it has been an honor to be within the presence of our second #SuperLady interview for Fast Casual, Faster Cars, and I thank you for your time invested with us today.

"Peaches": The pleasure was all mine. I thank you and your CREW for the wonderful hospitality and lunch today.

FCFC: We do have a traditional question that we ask all of our #SuperLunch owners before we depart. So, Peaches, “what does ‘owning’ your very own supercar mean for you?" Also - "if you purchase another supercar, would you, 1. Come back for another interview / story, and 2. What supercar do you have your eye focused on for the future?"

"Peaches": Owning my very own supercar? It means, to me, I have decided to work hard and been in the position to be able to have this machine in my line-up. To have the car is one thing, but the quiet fact of the matter is maintaining its optimal and preferred tuning and mechanical abilities is a costly investment to have as an owner, however, I am fortunate to own this one given my method of ownership.

And if I purchase another car, it would be a Tesla (Laughter). It may not be extreme, but, to have it in the driveway would be a site to see alongside the Zonda.

I would let you guys know, for sure, of another purchase and potential interview.

FCFC: We would, truly, enjoy that chat and interview with you and your Tesla. As well as lunch again - on us - whenever and wherever you wish.

"Peaches": (Laughter) That sounds good to me.

FCFC: The crew and I thank you for such an amazing interview with your Zonda as well as your amazing story in ownership.

And on that note, ladies and gentlemen, This has been “Fast Casual, Faster Cars” with “Peaches” and her Pagani Zonda Roadster.

Thanks to our sponsors of the day: Sweet Tomatoes (www.sweettomatoes.com) & Real Racing 3 by Electronic Arts. (Download the App here: www.ea.com/games/real-racing/real-racing-3)

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