- Fast Casual chats with Porsche 911 GT3 Owner, "Dynamite Doris"

Today on Fast Casual, Faster Cars we talk with professional stuntwoman, "Dynamite Doris", and her experiences with automobiles.

DISCLAIMER: Here on FCFC, we respect the right to privacy of our guests. All names, locations, and cars have been changed to suit the digital market. Everything else is all yours for entertainment purposes.

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Dynamite Doris is a TRUE!, Red, White, and Blue, Professional Stuntwoman, stunt coach instructor, mother of two, Wife to one, sister amongst five older siblings, and has her Master's degree in Physics.

DISCLAIMER: Here on FCFC, we respect the right to privacy of our guests. All names, locations, and cars have been changed to suit the digital market. Everything else is all yours for entertainment purposes.


Fast Casual Stats:

Time? 2:00pm

Fast Casual Location? Penn Station

Fast Casual Lunch? (1) Rueben Grilled Sandwich, (1) Cheesesteak Grilled Sandwich, (2) Large Fries, (2) Chocolate chip cookies, (1) Fountain Drink, (1) Lemonade, (2) Bottled Water, Extra napkins and additional side sauces

FCFC: Welcome back to Another!, 'Fast Casual, Faster Cars' #SuperLunch#. Ladies and gentlemen - if you have EVER seen any film, commercial, or television episode of a high speed, high intensive, high RPM revving, downtown high speed pursuit, with strategic cornering, drifting, or flat out top speed run that involved an automobile, and DOUBLE if there was a lady casted as the lead prime driver, you can bet that you are looking at her / their stunt double who is actually behind the wheel during filming.

Today, we have the talented and super gifted physics student, "Dynamite Doris" and her Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

D.D.: Why are you so sweaty? (Laughter)

FCFC: Doris, it's hot out here today, okay? Not a single cloud in the sky to block any of the sun rays from pounding on my body as it exudes water ‐ in an attempt of it's own to "TRY" to keep me cool, which I never signed up for - which is why I appear that I have jogged here to meet with you.

D.D.: Alright, alright, calm down. It's okay. Here, use this mountain of napkins you swiped from the counter (Laughter).

FCFC: I apologize. May I continue? (wiping my face and chin)

D.D.: Please, proceed.

FCFC: Thank you. (And sorry for sweating for profusely) Fast Casual and Faster Cars has on the menu for today, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS served up by Dynamite Doris. And with a rather unique spread of activities that got her to this point of ownership - physics major, then Master, now, sliding around in high performance vehicles for major motion pictures.

You, Ma'am, have taken the entire cake for this series, by far.

D.D.: Thank you, and yes, (laughs) a lot of roads were travelled to be where my career has allowed, and still moving forward each day.

FCFC: I have to know how your enjoyment of this kind of driving turned into a career.

D.D.: I have always loved cars. My parents owned a chain of automotive car dealerships when I was growing up, so, my brothers and I, during the summer months before I began attending science camps, had the chore of moving the front lot cars to behind the offices for washing, and driving them back for showcase display of their weekly cleaning.

In the process of moving the cars and cleaning them up for display, this is where my brothers and I began learning just how driving worked, and even later, we learned how to operate the manual cars that were parked in the quad (the quad was where the stations were hosted for the cars that had unique appeal about them - for example, the Mercedes-Benz 190E’s, the Audi 5000, and the Datsun 280Z were popular in their day, especially on the lots.)

These small learning tutorials was the foundation that started our family into a new enterprise two decades later, hosting classes, performances, drift competitions, the automobile during those days was more than a means of transportation, they were our educators.

The first car that I slid around the back parking lot of one of the dealerships was the Pontiac Fiero.

Using spare tires, we would set up chicanes around the entire lot, leaving just enough room to slow down, make a sharp right turn, and continue the course again. Making like a series of figure eights, snaking the entire length of the back lot.

All of this “training”, if we can call it that, is what fueled my brothers careers into film and production, in which, gave my second oldest brother the chance to begin his career in the same industry, but his focus was on driving and stunt performance in their films.

On a stretch of the Route 500 Hochstrasse, my brothers had flown me out to their set of the day. A high speed rabbit on rabbit chase was the scene of the 4 hour window we had the road for. Luckily for me, the open spot for the second rabbit did not have a driver for the day, so, I drove the road for 45 minutes with my oldest brother, as we scanned and made notes for this rabbit run.

Long story short, the success of the drive, the film, and my passion behind the wheel has been offer after offer for roles to drive and stunt my way up the ranks as, acquiring the nickname, “Dynamite Doris”.

FCFC: Was the Route 500 your very first stunt drive on film?

D.D.: No, it wasn’t, however, that was the first film that was picked up on a series of festivals and private showcasings. My first driving gig took place in an old Nascar documentary, portraying the origins of how it all began; the bootlegging, the raw nitty gritty drivers, the courses, all of the collections that make it what it is today. That film was never sought out, unfortunately. I did learn a lot while on set, though.

FCFC: What about motorbikes?

D.D.: What about them?

FCFC: Are you a fan? Do you work with those at all?

D.D.: (Laughter) I am a fan, only because my son races them. I do not drive them though. Never have, actually. WAIT, I take that back. I sat on a back-up bike of Valentino Rossi a few years ago once. If that counts (laughs)

FCFC: Not bad, and so it goes, the racing and driving gene still runs through the veins of the family, I see. A lovely trait to have inherited, I’d say.

D.D.: We all enjoy it, we’re a very competitive family. Even down to playing family board games, the intensity can rank off the charts.

FCFC: I know the feeling all to well. As for this fine piece of machinery next to us, I know there is a competitive debate with this car. If you don’t mind, how did you find your way of ownership into the driver’s seat of this GT3?

D.D.: I STOLE IT! (LAUGHTER) I am only kidding. After a series of fortunate films and stunt performances, and steadily saving up, and patiently waiting on the proper time to buy it and never have to worry about the price tag once I actually had it. This GT3 was my very first brand new sports car purchase.

FCFC: How long was the wait until you decided to purchase it?

D.D.: Four years. And some change.

FCFC: Do you recall your very first drive with the GT3?

D.D.: I picked up my youngest from school, and we took the very scenic route home together. Then, the following weekend that was absolutely perfect for a weekend stroll, I drove the coastline, full of flats, curves, hillsides, tunnels, rocky cliff overviews; it is all online - if you ever have a chance to stroll through the pages. Seriously, an amazing piece of work, this car.

FCFC: I wish I was authorized to request a ride from you and have you drive me around the scenic route back here to Penn Station. But, in the future, maybe. I’ll spot you fuel money?

D.D.: (Laughs) Just ‘hold down’ your lunch while inside of the cabin. That is the only rule.

FCFC: DEAL! (And coming up, in the future, A Fast Casual Faster DRIVE! with DYNAMITE DORIS and her Porsche 911 GT3! Buckle up, ladies and gents because were taking - “the scenic route to Penn Station!)

I can already see this production becoming something. You have to come back and drive for us, please.

D.D.: Absolutely, I hope you all can keep up.

FCFC: Oh, we’ll try our best. Now, before you depart, we do ask all drivers the traditional #SuperLunch question: “what does ‘owning’ your very own supercar mean for you?" Also - "if you purchase another supercar, would you, 1. Come back for another interview / story, and 2. What supercar do you have your eye focused on for the future?"

D.D.: I do not have to think about it, because my next purchase is the Dodge Viper. Here, look, I am in the process of emailing this owner with specifics (she proceeds to display her phone and scans through a couple of emails that indicates that, in fact, she will be purchasing this vehicle in the near future).

FCFC: Now, once you have this, can we treat you for lunch again as to how you decided on the Viper and some favorite memories while you have had it?

D.D.: Just tell me when and where, I’ll be there.

FCFC: Fantastic. Can you share, in your own words, what owning this GT3 means for you?

D.D.: Owning the Porsche says, from my position that I am at with what I do, is always dare to dream and believe in your ability to do anything - no matter what it is - and work hard in the process to manifest those dreams into actual realities that you can, in this case, sit beside of and have an interview lunch session about [a Porsche 911].

FCFC: Spoken so positively. Dynamite Doris, your story and journey has been pleasant to listen to and from all of us here on Fast Casual, we thank you for the opportunity to dine and discuss your story and your lovely, Porsche 911 with us today.

And on that note, folks, we wrap up this episode inside of our Leftover box, and make our own journey’s out of here. But, in the meantime, feel free to pick through our other #SuperLunches with an eccentric cast of supercar owners.


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