Fast Flyby McLaren 600LT Spider Spider on the Autobahn

Insane Autobahn Flyby by the extremely rare McLaren 600 LT Spider Segestria Boralis.

The McLaren 600 LT Spider Segestria Boralis by MSO is the limited edition of the last 12 ever produced McLaren 600LT. The McLaren with the nick name "Spider Spider" ist the 275 000 $ limited special model of the McLaren 600 series. It represents the peak and at the same time end of the era of the McLaren 600 series. And its jam-full with special accesories like the exclusive Bowers and Wilkins soundsystem, the MSO-clubsport package and a special racetrack mode for the chassis.

McLaren's MSO department is responsible for the special models. With its appearance and design features, the 600LT Spider is intended to imitate a poisonous spider. For this, the outer skin was mainly painted in black. Depending on the viewing angle and the incidence of light, deep green, purple and burgundy undertones should come out.

According to McLaren, the two green stripes ("Napier Green") imitate the fangs of the poisonous spider. When the top is closed, they extend from the nose of the 600LT to the double-flow exhaust system in front of the fixed rear wing. The apron, side skirts and diffuser are accented in Napier Green. In addition, the side mirrors and rear wing are provided with small spider webs in poisonous green.

Full video:

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