3 screen-used and 30 bespoke & replica Fast & Furious vehicles - perfect for any budding or long-time movie car collector - are being offered up for auction by PDS Valuers on behalf of the Joint Administrators of Fast Live Productions Limited.

Heading-up the auction is the infamous ‘ramp-car’, piloted on-screen by dastardly villain Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), and used to take-out pursuing franchise hero Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson). This exact vehicle was used to shoot scenes across London with the Fast & Furious crew, and was built from the ground-up for the films. With an LS3 V8, 4-wheel steering and a custom tubular body – oh, and a McLaren F1 seating arrangement - this villainous ‘flip-car’ is as unique as they come. It has surely gone down in cinema history as one of the great vehicles of the furious franchise and would be a fantastic addition to any movie-car collection.

Next-up is a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. Well, not exactly. It’s merely the chassis and shell of a Lambo, but with the V6 engine from a Jaguar and a transaxle gearbox from a Porsche Boxster. If you are looking for a road-illegal stunt Lamborghini-thing, and you want a significant piece of one of the greatest supercar film franchises in cinema history, then THIS is the car for you! The car was used in F8, the newest Fast & Furious film to hit theatres across the globe, taking in a total box office of 1.239 Billion USD! It starred in the key action sequence across the Polar ice cap – where a military submarine breaches the ice to take-out cars as they drive across it. Dwayne Johnson then leans out of a truck and pushes a torpedo away from him so it hits a bad-gu – oh, I don’t know! It’s fast, it’s furious, and it makes no sense.

The final vehicle to headline the auction is a Nissan 350z from 'Tokyo Drift' - the third instalment in the Fast & Furious series. With a 6.2 litre LS3 V8 and a Quaife 6-speed sequential gearbox, the rear-wheel drive 350z – driven by Tokyo street-racer DK - famously beat Sean’s Silvia in a multi-storey carpark drift race. Having had a significant amount of screen time in the most famous car-based film franchise in history makes this 350z, with all its crazy modifications, one of the most desirable cars at auction today.

A selection of other ridiculous vehicles will join these on-screen cars at auction, including: a replica tank, the front fuselage of an Antonov cargo plane, a number of LED-modified street racers, and various cars which exactly replicate the vehicles used in the films.

Very soon, I will have the privilege of driving these cars on a military base in the UK - living a Fast & Furious fantasy I hadn't realised I had. Stay-tuned for a full piece on the cars themselves in the coming weeks – and head-over to the PDS bidspotter page to check out, or even bid on, the vehicles up for offer.

The auction lots are viewable (by appointment) on 24th January & the sale closes on the 31st January.

You can find all of the vehicle listings on the bidspotter page here:



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