Fast Kids Club.

A division of East Sleep Race.

3w ago

As I've said before every now and then you find a page on Instagram that's a pure gem. This happened me agian with the page called Fast Kids Club. I had previously bought one of their books for my nephews birthday but never really looked at their profile and other products they had for sale.

This was about the change as I wanted to ge my nephew the colouring book the also have for sale as I was impressed with the quality of the book I had previously bought him. I went about finding out some information and had a chat with the owner Brian Mabutas.

Sarah: So Brian, what exactly is Fast Kids Club about?

Brian: Fast Kids Club is a children's racing lifestyle brand with a mission to fuel the next generation with a passion for motorsports.

Sarah: What are the best selling items?

Brian: Favorites of future racers and their parents are FKC's ABC and 1-2-3 board books that are filled with racing related illustrations.

Sarah: Is there anything else Fast Kids Cubs sell apart from books?

Brian: Beyond the best selling books, Fast Kids Club offers apparel and accessories including sizes for infants, toddlers, and youth.

Sarah: What is the bigger brand?

Brian: The brand is a sub division of EAT SLEEP RACE and has grown into a community of future racers.

Sarah: Where did the idea for Fast Kids Club come from, a division as you have previously said of Eat, Sleep, Race, what made you think of the children side of Eat, Sleep, Race?

Brian: EAT SLEEP RACE always made kids apparel, but when we (the owners) had kids of our own we set a goal of creating a brand for kids and community for their parents.

Sarah: Where do you see Fast Kids Club say in 5 years

Brian: Our goal is to continue growing the community and creating more fun products outside of just t-shirts.

Sarah: Any secrets you can tell us or a random fact about Eat. Sleep Race and Fast Kids Club?

Brian: Passion first. The founders of EAT SLEEP RACE were grass roots racers and racing enthusiasts long before the apparel brand came to life. Our love for racing is our drive to continue growing.

Big thanks to Brian for taking the time out to do this quick interview and taking the time out to tell us about the awesome stuff they have to offer. If you would like to follow Fast Kids Cub on social media I have linked their social media and website below.




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  • Am I the only adult that wants one of these colouring books? :) @tribe

      27 days ago
  • I love the idea for what they did... I am kinda jealous I did not have one of those as a little kid, I was addicted to cars when I was young ๐Ÿ˜‚

      26 days ago