Father and son's mg td

4y ago
- This car is something of my father's pride and joy since he bought it. It's a 1952 MG TD, though this model would specifically be called the TD2.
- My grandfather did some work on this car, and I've helped my father intermittently on his work restoring it. I'd say as of now it's about 75% restored.
- The TD was supposed to be MG's checkmate for the States. It was left-hand drive, a bit more modern-looking than its TC internals would let on, and meant to handle better than the TC.
- The chassis was made heavier more rigid to provide for better handling, and even had options such as heating and radio (which this particular model lacks). The suicide doors on these cars add so much persona, especially as coupes.
- When restoring a car this old, every project becomes a decision of whether you upgrade or replace like-new.
- It's tough to decide what to upgrade and what to replace, because this car has so much charisma. It loves being driven, the engine purrs now that it's being properly taken care of.
- Sometimes, however, the future must be accepted. Case in point: shiny new pure air filters on the carburetors instead of the original oil pan filter, which would spew a mess of smoke every time the engine started up.
- The engine, for those who don't feel like looking it up, is a 1250cc pushrod overhead valve engine. New, she was making a little over 54 horsepower. A few horses have probably left the stable, but the engine still has surprising pep.
- Part of what I love about this car is that we know nothing about its history. It's mismatched headlamps, it's wear and tear.

My grandfather worked on this car, my pops worked on this car, and I've worked on this car.

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