FATHER FIGURE. El Andrej’s Suzuki GSX400 Brat

1y ago


‘Dad Bod’, as you will probably know, is a slang term referring to a body shape particular to middle-aged men. Think of it as a shape that’s not trying too hard, but still looks pretty damn good. El Andrej, the Slovenian builder of this cool little Suzuki GSX400 brat may or may not have one, but he is the proud owner of some killer Dad Mod skills. Got a bike, a garage and a young family? Then maybe you could hone your own Dad Mod skills and knock one out of the park like this.

“I live in the Ljubljana suburbs,” says El. “I am a mechanical engineer by trade and I’ve been in love with motorcycles from back when my memories can reach,” he says, poetically. “For daily use I have a Ducati Monster S2R 1000 and my shop is currently my house’s garage in the evenings when my two incredible daughters have fallen asleep. I believe that this motorcycle is a first step to me making many more custom bikes in the future”.


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