Fathers' Day special

I asked my father to help me spec out the 2021 BMW M5 Competition

45w ago

Yesterday, June 21, 2020, we all celebrated Fathers' Day while in lockdown due to the Coronavirus. And due to the lockdown, my brother and I could not give any gifts to our father. So, I asked him to spec out the 2021 BMW M5 Competition, since he likes the way it looks. This is what he came up with.

Let's start with the exterior. We went for a Snapper Rocks Blue and 20" Jet Black Double Spoke wheels.

And for the interior, we went for a Carbon Aluminium finish on the dashboard and white and black leather for the seats.

We did go all out on the add-ons. Opting for the Ultimate Package, with all the goodies. Laser-lights, BMW Driver's package and much more. I'll drop the link to my configuration, below.

The total amount came out to EUR 122,905, which is something we won't be able to afford any time soon, but just the joy of configuring one was priceless. Let me know what you think about this spec. What would you do differently?

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  • I think the old guys got good taste. I think it's the four-door version of our new car

      10 months ago