Fault Codes for E8x models (2004-2011)

Some fault codes may be the same for the F2x series aswell

3y ago


Active Cruise-Control

ACC 158 Active Cruise Control Disabled, Sensor Error

ACC 238 Active Cruise Control Disabled, Hill Descent

ACC 441 Cruise Control Deactivated

ACC 442 Vehicle may Roll Away

ACC 443 Vehicle Rolling Away

ACC 483 Active Cruise Control Temporarily Disabled

Crash Safety Module

ACSM 76 Crash Safety Module

ACSM 434 Seat Calibration Required

Active Front Steering

AFS 70 Servotronic Failed

AFS 273 Active Steering Fault

AFS 321 Active Steering Deactivated

Trailer Module

AHM 4 Trailer Parking Light Left

AHM 5 Trailer Parking Light Right

AHM 6 Trailer Indicator Left

AHM 7 Trailer Indicator Right

AHM 8 Trailer Brake Lights

AHM 9 Trailer Fog Light

AHM 75 Trailer Electrics Failed

AHM 90 Trailer Reverse Light

AHM 403 Trailer Rear Light/Numberplate Light

AHM 404 Trailer Left Indicator/Brake Light

AHM 405 Trailer Right Indicator/Brake Light

AHM 406 Trailer Electric Brake Failed

AHM 423 Trailer Coupling Lock

AHM 449 Trailer Coupling Electrics Failed

Dynamic Drive

ARS 10 ARS Roll Malfunction

ARS 11 Steering Malfunction

ARS 12 Dynamic Drive Failed

ARS 204 Dynamic Drive Disabled

Car Access System

CAS 14 Door Open F/R

CAS 15 Door Open F/L

CAS 16 Door Open R/L

CAS 17 Door Open R/R

CAS 18 Bonnet open

CAS 19 Boot open

CAS 21 Ignition Problem, Depress Brake to Start

CAS 22 Starter Problem, Engine cannot Restart

CAS 38 Wrong Remote Key

CAS 40 Press Brake to Start

CAS 65 Change Key, Key Battery Low

CAS 66 Remote Control/Key Fault

CAS 67 Remote Control/Key Battery Discharged

CAS 68 Remote Key Stationary Function Battery Low

CAS 186 ELV Steering Lock Fault. Engine cannot be restarted

CAS 187 ELV Steering Lock Active. Move Steering Wheel to Restart

CAS 205 Remote Key not Present

CAS 206 Engine Start on next Press

CAS 208 Comfort Access Deactivated

CAS 209 Remote Key in Vehicle, Locking not possible

CAS 217 No Remote Control

CAS 303 Depress Clutch to Start

CAS 335 Ignition Switched On

CAS 347 Position R/N/D Not Possible

CAS 348 Engage Park Before Leaving Vehicle

CAS 349 Engage Park Before Switching Ignition Off

CAS 413 Steering Column Unlocked

Convertible Top Module

CTM 267 Rear Window Drive

CTM 268 Luggage Compartment Position

CTM 270 Convertible Top Not Locked

CTM 271 Convertible Top, Vehicle Speed

CTM 272 Convertible Top Failure

CTM 401 Roof Mechanism Failure

CTM 416 Luggage Compartment Partition

CTM 432 Roof Drive Overload

CTM 445 Vehicle Not Level

CTM 516 Roof Operation Cancelled

CTM 518 Convertible Top Not Locked

CTM 519 Roof Operation Not Possible

CTM 558 Roof Position Detection

CTM 559 Roof Drive Overheated

CTM 560 Roof Operation Not Possible

CTM 561 Roof Emergency Operation

CTM 562 Roof Unlocked

Dual Clutch Gearbox

DKG 538 Gearbox Malfunction

DKG 539 Gearbox Malfunction 5-7

DKG 540 Gearbox Malfunction P

DKG 541 Gearbox Malfunction Manually Release Parking Lock

Digital Motor Electronics/Digital Diesel Electronics

DME/DDE 25 Preheating, Please Wait

DME/DDE 26 Cruise Control Defective

DME/DDE 27 Engine Oil Level Low

DME/DDE 28 Engine Oil Level Below Minimum

DME/DDE 29 Engine Problem, Power Reduced

DME/DDE 30 Engine Problem, Stop Engine

DME/DDE 31 Engine Problem, Increased Emissions

DME/DDE 32 Fuel Cap Open

DME/DDE 33 Engine Problem, Reduce Engine Load

DME/DDE 39 Engine Overheat, Stop Engine

DME/DDE 49 Particulate Filter Malfunction

DME/DDE 148 Brake Light Control Failed

DME/DDE 182 Oil Level Sensor Malfunction

DME/DDE 212 Engine Oil Pressure, Stop Engine

DME/DDE 213 Battery Not Charged

DME/DDE 220 Battery Discharge Rate High

DME/DDE 229 Battery Charge Low

DME/DDE 247 Battery Monitoring Failed

DME/DDE 257 Engine Temperature Too High, Drive Moderately

DME/DDE 304 Check Battery Condition

DME/DDE 305 Check Battery Terminals

DME/DDE 306 Battery Charge Low

DME/DDE 367 Engine Temperature Too High

DME/DDE 400 Engine Oil Level High

DME/DDE 427 Engine Oil Pressure Low

DME/DDE 448 Fuel Filter

DME/DDE 450 Automatic Start Deactivated

DME/DDE 492 AdBlue Reserve Low

DME/DDE 493 AdBlue Reserve Critical

DME/DDE 493 AdBlue Reserve Empty

DME/DDE 506 AdBlue Fluid Incorrect

DME/DDE 584 Transport Mode Active

Dynamic Stability Control

DSC 24 DBC Dynamic Brake Control Brake Assist Failed

DSC 35 DSC Failed

DSC 36 DSC/DTC Deactivated

DSC 42 DSC Control System/Ride Height adjustment

DSC 50 Runflat Indicator Failed

DSC 63 Tyre Failure

DSC 71 Brake Pads Worn

DSC 74 Brake Fluid Low

DSC 184 Dynamic Traction Control Active

DSC 215 Dynamic Stability Control

DSC 236 Brake and Stability Systems Failure

DSC 237 Stability Systems Failure

DSC 328 Brake Pad Wear Sensor

DSC 330 Hill Decent Control not Available

DSC 331 Hill Decent Control Active

DSC 332 Hill Decent Control Deactivated

DSC 333 Hill Decent Control not Possible

DSC 334 Run Flat System Requires Standardisation

DSC 336 Dynamic Stability Control

DSC 352 Brakes Too Hot

DSC 353 Brakes Overheated

DSC 354 Start Assist Inactive

DSC 364 RPA Initialisation

DSC 382 DSC Restricted, Brake Pressure Sensor

DSC 384 DSC Puncture Detected

DSC 431 Brake Loading Too High

DSC 608 Tyre Pressure Loss, Front Left

DSC 609 Tyre Pressure Loss, Front Right

DSC 608 Tyre Pressure Loss, Rear Right

DSC 608 Tyre Pressure Loss, Rear Left

Corner Brake Control

DSC/CBC 42 Brake and Driving Control Failure

Tyre Pressure Control

DSC/RPA 50 Tyre Monitoring Failure

DSC/RPA 63 Tyre Puncture

X Drive Control

DXC 350 4X4 System Failure

DXC 351 4X4 and DSC Failure

DXC 369 4X4, DSC and ABS Failure

DXC 370 4X4, DSC, ABS and EBV Failure

Dynamic Damper Control

EDC-K 43 Dynamic Damper Control Failed

EDC-K 180 Dynamic Damper Control Fault

Electronic Gearbox Control/Sequential Sports Gearbox

EGS/SSG 103 Gearbox Overheating- Drive with Care

EGS/SSG 104 Gearbox Overheating- Reduced Output

EGS/SSG 105 Gearbox Overheated - Stop Vehicle

EGS/SMG 168 Transmission Malfunction

EGS/SMG 169 Transmission Position N

EGS/SMG 170 Transmission Malfunction Reset

EGS/SSG 171 Transmission Failsafe Active

EGS/SSG 172 Transmission Malfunction

EGS/SMG 173 Transmission Position D Only

EGS/SMG 174 Transmission Position P Only

EGS/SMG 175 Transmission Malfunction, Position P

EGS/SSG 178 Transmission in Neutral, Engage Parking Brake

EGS/SSG 179 Transmission Malfunction

EGS/SMG 203 Transmission Position in N

EGS/SSG 248 Brake Signal Malfunction, Gears May Be Selected Without Brake

EGS/SSG 250 Brake Signal Malfunction, Gears May Be Selected Without Brake

EGS/SMG 251 Transmission Position P

EGS/SMG 252 Transmission Malfunction

EGS/SSG 254 Transmission Malfunction Emergency Program

EGS/SSG 255 Malfunction R,N,D Only With Engine Running

EGS/SSG 287 Clutch Overheated

EGS/SSG 288 Transmission Malfunction, Failsafe Activated

EGS/SSG 289 Transmission Malfunction, Failsafe Activated

EGS/SSG 290 Transmission Malfunction, Journey May Be Continued With Care

EGS/SSG 291 Transmission Malfunction, Failsafe Activated

EGS/SSG 292 Transmission Malfunction, Re-Select Gear

EGS/SSG 293 Press Brake and Select Neutral to Start

EGS/SSG 302 Park Not Engaged

EGS/SSG 307 Transmission Malfunction, Multiple Failures

EGS/SSG 322 Transmission Teach-in Active

EGS/SSG 323 Clutch Teach-in Active

EGS/SSG 325 Transmission in Neutral

EGS/SSG 326 Transmission in Drive

EGS/SMG 363 Transmission Overload

EGS/SMG 365 Transmission Failsafe

EGS/SMG 366 Transmission Fault, Failsafe

EGS/SSG 368 Transmission Failsafe Active

EGS/SMG 394 Gear Selector Lever

EGS/SMG 398 Engine Bay Cover Open

EGS/SMG 399 SMG State Undetermined

EGS/SSG 419 Drive Malfunction

EGS/SSG 420 Transmission Malfunction

EGS/SMG 446 Launch Control

EGS/SMG 557 Rolling Possible, Secure Vehicle

EGS/SMG 565 Gearbox Position P only Available when Stationary

Electro Hydraulic Brake

EHB 439 Parking Brake Overload

EHB 452 Release Autohold

Electronic Height Control

EHC 45 Level Control System Failure

EHC 245 Level Control System Failure

Electric Fuel Pump

EKP 216 Fuel Pump Fault

EKP 309 Fuel Pump Malfunction

Parking Brake

EMF 48 Parking Brake

EMF 51 Parking Brake Overheated

EMF 52 Parking Brake Failed

EMF 53 Automatic Hold Malfunction

EMF 54 Parking Brake Malfunction

EMF 55 Parking Brake Release

EMF 56 Parking Brake

EMF 57 Parking Brake

EMF 58 Parking Brake

EMF 201 Automatic Hold Disabled

EMF 210 Parking Brake Failed

EMF 211 Parking Brake Failed

EMF 239 Parking Brake Failed

EMF 240 Parking Brake Failed

EMF 241 Parking Brake Failed

EMF 242 Parking Brake Failed

EMF 243 Parking Brake Failed

EMF 253 Parking Brake Failed

EMF 395 Parking Brake Malfunction

EMF 402 Apply Foot Brake

EMF 410 Parking Brake Malfunction

EMF 465 Parking Brake Failure

EMF 480 Parking Brake Malfunction

EMF 481 Parking Brake Malfunction

EMF 482 Parking Brake Failure

Electronic Power Steering

EPS 73 EPS Inoperative

EPS 385 Steering Assistance Failed

High Beam Assistant

FLA 374 Main Beam Assist Defective

FLA 375 Main Beam Assist Not Active

FLA 376 Main Beam Assist Not Active

FLA 377 Main Beam Assist Sensativity

Footwell Module

FRM 87 Right Rear Light Failure

FRM 88 Dipped Beam Left Failure

FRM 89 Dipped Beam Right Failure

FRM 111 Number Plate Light Left Failure

FRM 113 Sidelights Switched On

FRM 114 Rear Fog Light Failure

FRM 115 Reverse Light Right Failure

FRM 116 Indicator Rear Left Failure

FRM 117 Reverse Light Left Failure

FRM 118 Rear Light Right Failure

FRM 119 Indicator Front Right Failure

FRM 120 Dipped Beam Left Failure

FRM 121 Dipped Beam Right Failure

FRM 122 Indicator Front Right Failure

FRM 123 Rear Light Right Failure

FRM 124 Indicator Right Failure

FRM 125 Indicator Rear Right Failure

FRM 126 Fog Light Right Failure

FRM 127 Side Indicator Left Failure

FRM 128 Left High Beam Failure

FRM 129 Rear Fog Light Failure

FRM 130 Right High Beam Failure

FRM 131 Parking Light Left Front Failure

FRM 132 Front Right Side Light Failure

FRM 133 Right Rear Light Failure

FRM 134 Right Brake Light Failure

FRM 135 Centre Brake Light Failure

FRM 136 Left Brake Light Failure

FRM 137 Number Plate Light Right Failure

FRM 138 Fog Light Left Failure

FRM 196 Indicator Front Right Failure

FRM 197 Indicator Front Left Failure

FRM 231 Light System Failure

FRM 256 Headlight Leveling System Failure

FRM 259 Window Anti-Trap Deactivated

FRM 261 Window Anti-Trap Failure

FRM 345 Brake/Tail Light Failure Right

FRM 346 Brake/Tail Light Failure Left

FRM 371 Number Plate Light Failure

FRM 372 Brake Force Display Light Failure Left

FRM 373 Brake Force Display Light Failure Right

FRM 378 Sidelight/Daytime Lights Defective- Left

FRM 379 Sidelight/Daytime Lights Defective- Right

FRM 380 Turn Signal Lights Defective- Left

FRM 381 Turn Signal Lights Defective- Right

FRM/ALC 295 Adaptive Cornering Lights Failure

FRM 437 Parking Lights On

Gear Selector Switch

GWS 393 Gear Selector Position

GWS 467 Gear Selector Malfunction/Locking

Luggage Compartment

HKL 422 Luggage Compartment Lower Lid


HYBRID 569 Drive Malfunction, Stop

HYBRID 570 Drive Range Low

HYBRID 571 Drive, Only Forward Crawling Speed is Possible

HYBRID 572 Drive, Only Forward and Reverse Crawling Speed is Possible

HYBRID 573 Gearbox Malfunction

HYBRID 574 No Braking Energy Reclamation

HYBRID 575 Refueling- Wait

HYBRID 576 Refueling Only Possible When Standing

HYBRID 577 Refueling Possible

HYBRID 578 Fuel Filler Flap Open

HYBRID 579 Fuel System Malfunction

HYBRID 585 High Voltage System Malfunction

HYBRID 586 High Voltage System Malfunction

HYBRID 587 High Voltage Battery Low

HYBRID 588 High Voltage Battery, Switch Ignition on to Charge

HYBRID 589 High Voltage Battery Charging

HYBRID 590 Vehicle Ready

HYBRID 591 High Voltage Battery Charging Aborted

HYBRID 606 High Voltage Battery Output Restricted

HYBRID 607 High Voltage Battery Regeneration Required

Intergrated Chassis Management

ICM 474 Driving Performance Control Failed

Instrument Cluster

IKE 13 Radio Key in Lock

IKE 41 Service Due

IKE 55 Parking Brake Active

IKE 60 Speedometer Failure

IKE 62 Vehicle Speed Limit Exceeded

IKE 78 Vehicle Speed Limit Exceeded

IKE 79 Low External Temperature

IKE 165 Low External Temperature

IKE 167 Reset Clock

IKE 185 Gear Indicator Failed

IKE 275 Low Fuel

IKE 279 Driver's Seat Insecure

IKE 280 Passenger's Seat Insecure

IKE 281 Service Due

IKE 282 Instrument Cluster

IKE 283 Instrument Cluster

IKE 284 Service Overdue

IKE 285 Service OK

IKE 286 Fuel Low / Range

IKE 301 Seatback Monitoring Failed

IKE 308 Parking Brake Applied

IKE 999 Instrument Cluster Fault

Junction Box

JB 164 Windscreen Washer Fluid Low

JB 166 Engine Coolant Level Low

JB 183 Windscreen Wiper Malfunction

JB 207 Central Electronics Failure, Stop Vehicle

JB 415 Battery Discharge Rate High

JB 430 Transport Mode Active

Longitudinal Dynamics Management

LDM 1 Active Cruise Control Disabled, Poor Conditions

LDM 2 Active Cruise Control Disabled, Poor Signal

LDM 3 Active Cruise Control Failure

LDM 59 Active Cruise Control Disabled, Parking Brake

LDM 69 Active Cruise Control Disabled, Speed too Low

LDM 85 Active Cruise Control Disabled, Hill Descent

LDM 176 Active Cruise Control Disabled, Sensor Error

LDM 177 Active Cruise Control Malfunction

LDM 199 Cruise Control Failed

LDM 246 Active Cruise Control Disabled, Speed too Low

LDM 276 Engine Speed Too High

LDM 277 Active Cruise Control Disabled, Gear Selection

LDM 278 Engine Speed Too Low

LDM 337 Dynamic Cruise Control Failure

LDM 338 Dynamic Cruise Control Deactivated, Parking Brake

LDM 339 Dynamic Cruise Control Deactivated, Excessive Braking

LDM 340 Dynamic Cruise Control Deactivated, Poor Conditions

LDM 341 Dynamic Cruise Control Deactivated, Gear Selection

LDM 342 Dynamic Cruise Control Deactivated, Speed Too Low

LDM 453 Cruise Control Short Range Sensors Disabled

LDM 454 Cruise Control Short Range Sensors Soiled

LDM 469 Cruise Control Deactivated, Sensors Soiled

LDM 478 Cruise Control Deactivated, Radio Astronomy Intervention

Electric Sunroof

MDS 260 Sunroof Anti-Trap Deactivated

MDS 262 Sunroof Anti-Trap Failure

Multiple Restraint System

MRS 46 Fasten Seat Belt

MRS 91 Fasten Seat Belt

MRS 92 Front Passenger Seat Belt Pretensioner Fault

MRS 93 Driver's Seat Belt Pretensioner Fault

MRS 94 Rear Left Seat Belt Pretensioner Fault

MRS 95 Rear Right Seat Belt Pretensioner Fault

MRS 97 Multiple Restraint System Fault

MRS 106 Rear Left Side Airbag Fault

MRS 107 Rear Right Side Airbag Fault

MRS 108 Driver's Airbag Fault

MRS 109 Passenger Airbag Fault

MRS 181 System Check Failed

MRS 266 Rollover Protection Malfunction

MRS 389 Fasten Driver's Seat Belt

MRS 390 Fasten Passenger's Seat Belt

MRS 391 Multiple Restraint System

MRS 392 Fasten Seat Belt

MRS 612 MRS Acceleration Sensors

Night Vision Control

NVC 356 Night Vision Failure

Park Distance Control

PDC 195 Park Distance Control Failure

Reversing Camera

RFK 424 Reversing Camera Soiled

RFK 425 Reversing Camera Failure

Tyre Pressure Control

RDC 139 Front Left Tyre Pressure

RDC 140 Rear Right Tyre Pressure

RDC 141 Rear Left Tyre Pressure

RDC 142 Check Tyre Pressures

RDC 143 Front Right Tyre Pressure

RDC 144 Tyre Pressure Monitoring Fault

RDC 145 Tyre Pressure Monitoring Deactivated

RDC 147 Tyre Puncture Detected

RDC 149 Tyre Pressure Monitoring Failure

RDC 192 Tyre Pressure Monitoring Deactivated, System Initialising

RDC 265 Check Tyre Pressures, Mismatch

RDC 327 Tyre Pressure Monitoring Deactivated, System Initialising

Sensotronic Braking Actuation

SBA 601 Braking System Malfunction

SBA 602 Braking System Malfunction

SBA 603 Braking System Sensor Malfunction

SBA 604 Braking System Failure

Seat Module

SIMO 436 Seat Position Detection Fault

Telecommunications Module

TCU 296 SOS Deactivated, Check Phone

TCU 297 BMW Assist Deactivated

TCU 298 BMW Assist Not Possible

TCU 299 SOS Call System Failure

TCU 300 BMW Assist Deactivated, Check SIM.

Time to Line Crossing

TLC 435 Lane Departure Warning Fault

Video Switch

VSW 428 Side Camera Defective

Text Credit: BabyBMW.net Photo Credit: Autoscope

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