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    • Why does everything have to be so anti mechanic? Some people make an honest living on it (I.e myself) and yes i look through the glovebox when the stupid customer doesnt leave their locking lug nut key out I gotta find it somehow. And yea waiter gon wait cause guess what I’m gonna work at my pace and get the job done right. I don’t give a single crap if that person wants their car done in 5 minutes. People are impatient as heck and want everything done right away

        2 years ago
      • This was a joke, chill. And it only applied to crap mechanics so technically you put yourself under that lable...

          2 years ago
      • Ik but it’s irrating that everyone gives mechanics a bad rep because of a few bad ones out there.

          2 years ago
    • Ford mechanics for you right their

        1 year ago
    • This is why you take your car to a real mechanic.

        2 years ago


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