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FD driver Dan Burkett takes you to school on the 2JZ

Car enthusiasts everywhere know the legendary 2JZ, but not all know all the options.

36w ago

Toyota's 2JZ engine is one of the most legendary engines of all time. Formula Drift driver Dan Burkett has been known to tinker with a 2JZ or two as he competes in the series with a heavily modified 2JZ engine in his MkIV Supra competition car.

In the video above Burkett takes you through the many differences in 2JZ engines. For a dose of 2JZ education, check out the video above!

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  • Can you actually like, 2jz swap a f1 car? Ik it’s mid engined/rear engined, but im curious

    btw he has a cool mullet (is it called a mullet?)

      8 months ago