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FD Super Drift Challenge Results

Formula Drift threw a two day challenge during the Grand Prix of Long Beach.

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This past weekend the powers that be at Formula Drift invited a few drivers out to participate in a two day challenge event taking place during the weekend of the Grand Prix of Long Beach known as the Super Drift Challenge. Competitors are drawn from the Formula DRIFT series and beyond but do not score points towards the PRO or PROSPEC Championships in Formula Drift.

Drivers Trenton Beechum, Rome Charpentier, Michael Essa, Jeff Jones, Kyle Mohan, Justin Pawlak, Branden Sorensen, Forrest Wang took to the street tracks Turns 9-11 aka the Formula Drift Long Beach layout.

Formula Drift

Formula Drift

Day 1 had Jeff Jones taking the top spot on the podium, while 2013 Formula Drift Champion Michael Essa took second and Rome Charpentier nabbed the last spot on the podium. Justin Pawlak rounded out the Top 4. Jones was down 200 horsepower compared to the others in the Top 4. They all advertise 1000 horsepower, while Jones holds 800 horsepower.

Formula Drift

Formula Drift

Day 2 saw a completely different result. This time it was Pawlak who grabbed the top spot with Trenton Beechum taking second and Forrest Wang with third. Charpentier held the 4th place position on Day 2. It was nice to see Wang competition in drifting again. Th one time Formula Drift competitor has been out of FD since 2019, but that year he took both wins in the Super Drift Challenge.

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