Fear of the dark?

Have you ever been alone at night , thought you heard footsteps behind , and turned around and no one's there?

19w ago

"Fear of the Dark", out from the Iron Maiden's album which carries the same name, it was released in 1992 and is the first song I ever heard of this band. It was many years ago, but I immediately felt it very relatable and soon it has become one of my favourites songs.

Let's be honest, you can be as tough as you want, be an horror movies addict or whatever you want, but someday, that night when you feel observed without reason, when walking in the street in the dark will make you feel uneasy, when the shadows on the walls of your room give you shivers, will arrive. Your mind plays tricks, your senses becomes more stronger and there's that light electricity running through your body, that feeling of danger crawling up to your spine...

Bruce Dickinson's voice gives form to these feelings performing this song, written by Steve Harris, bass player and song writer of the band, that apparently has written "Fear of the Dark" because he was really afraid of darkness... This song is one of the most successful from Iron Maiden, it's performed in every concert of the band and it's always accompanied by the audience singing along the instrumental parts.

I'm a night person, I'm used to come back alone at night using public transport, I am not scared usually, but sometimes that feeling, that unreasonable fear pops up. It doesn't happen often but when it does, I speed up my pace, whistling the intro of "Fear of the Dark", until I cross someone along the way or pass in front a pub open until late, and then I can relax and nervously laugh at my mind's trick.

I remember a night of a couple of years ago when I was in London, I had to meet a friend on the other end of the city, was late but he was just arrived in town and I couldn't wait to see him, we had a walk, looking for a pub still open and didn't find anything, we ended up walking in a park near his night accommodation. The metro was ten minutes or so by feet from the alley where we parted, and he sort of asked if it was fine for me if he wouldn't have accompanied me to the Tube station. The alley was silent and narrow, there were lampposts but the trees all around made the path look a little creepy, there was no one around except us.

I didn't know that part of the city and I was slightly scared, I was also slightly pissed, he had been a grumpy cat all the time, pretty far from how I expected our meeting to be, I was also a little heartbroken and I would have rather died than ask him to make me company on the walk to the station. I confidently say that there was no problem, no worries at all, and said goodnight. Those ten minutes of walk were terrible, every rustle from the trees, every shadow and noise made my heart race and jump, been upset accentuated everything. I hummed the instrumental part of "Fear of the dark" all the way to the station, there, in the broad light and with people around I breathed out on relief and had my miserable trip to home.

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  • I've seen several things in my lifetime

      4 months ago
  • Awesome song! Saw Maiden live last summer and got to hear it live! One of the best concerts I've ever been to.

      4 months ago
  • Those who fear the darkness have no idea what the light can do

      4 months ago
  • It's a love-hate relationship with the dark because just like you I'm more a night person, I prefer to watch the moonlight to the sunlight but there are moments in which I'm also frightened when it's dark (especially when I'm alone)

      4 months ago
  • Cars, media and heavy metal? Are you the female version of me?

      4 months ago