Feature | Andre's LEGO themed VW Lupo

This LEGO Lupo is a true one-of-a-kind creation, and it's not just some stickers! The true beauty of this car is in the details.

2y ago

Themed tuning cars are a pretty common sight at German tuner meetings. Not so much however in The Netherlands and Belgium. This lovely Lego themed VW Lupo already caught our eye at the Cars4Charity meeting earlier this summer, so when the owner contacted us for a feature, plans were made and photos were shot.

Owner: Andre Pijl

Author: Sim Van Gyseghem

Photography: Sim Van Gyseghem

André Pijl’s Lupo is a true one of a kind vehicle. Being a Lupo “College”, a 2001 special edition, it already was a rare car to begin with. Add to that a set of Ronal Turbo wheels, just the right amount of lowering that gives the car a beautiful stance but leaves the car practical for daily use and a lot of Lego themed decorations. What you end up with is a car that can’t be overlooked.

As is always the case with well thought-out theme cars, it’s all in the details. The inside of the headlights have been painted black and the front bumper has been given a chrome-rimmed set of fog lights. On the front arches sit a pair of self made indicator lights with VW logo incorporated, and the stock exhaust tip has been exchanged for a slightly bigger, but still very tasteful one. Among the very few details that don’t have anything to do with Lego is a sticker from a car meet for people with Down Syndrome on the windshield and a tribute sticker in memory of fellow 2ndRound club member Gerwin, who passed away after a highway accident earlier this summer.

One of very few non-LEGO details is this tribute in memory of a fellow 2ndRound club member.

One of very few non-LEGO details is this tribute in memory of a fellow 2ndRound club member.

Open the trunk and a complete lego scene of New York reveals itself

The attention to detail continues on the inside of the car: a one-off two-tone leather interior catches the eye immediately, as does the QSP snap-off steering wheel. Look closer and you find a small Disney figurine (made of Lego, of course) on both corners of the dashboard. The radio frame is lined with lego bricks and André has even gone as far as filling the ashtray with cigarette butts made from Lego!

Another of André’s custom jobs is the illumination of the speedo and rev counter with blue, green and hot-pink dials as well as a multicolor illumination of the numbers, resembling the bright colors of the Lego bricks and giving an extra dimension to the theme when it gets dark. Under the bonnet the top mount covers, battery cover, power steering pump, air filter and brake fluid reservoir are all covered with giant Lego bricks.

Open the trunk of the car and a complete scene of New York, built with Lego of course, reveals itself. In the center sits Trump Tower (Mr. Trump and family included), with on the left a candy shop, a McDonalds restaurant, and the Statue of Liberty with a “Dropped” billboard. On the right of Trump Tower sits a church, complete with graveyard, a playground and a Volkswagen garage under construction. There’s traffic in the streets, and where the street ends you can see an entire subway station and construction works on the level below.

This entire setup is a permanent part of the car, except for the big yellow M of the McDonalds sign, which can be removed in order to allow for the parcel shelf to be fitted and cover the entire Lego exhibit.

André told us he is already working on a new trunk display for the next car season. We can’t wait to see what trunk scene André thinks of next, and what details will be added in the future to further enhance the Lego theme!



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Comments (16)

  • O dear, this is every child's dream car!

      2 years ago
    • It's frequently used for charity events with sick children etc. They do absolutely love it indeed!

        2 years ago
    • That’s sweet and warm! They should literally paint the slogan “LEGO Is Love; LEGO Is Life” on it!

        2 years ago
  • However, the exterior still reminds me of this.

      2 years ago
    • Still better than actually gluing LEGO bricks to the bodywork, right?

        2 years ago
    • It seems that the best way us to build a life size car with LEGO bricks, quite a thing that is. I love the 1:1 Bugatti Chiron TLG did a while back.

        2 years ago
  • Awesome! Really cool!

      2 years ago
  • Cool car and welcome to DriveTribe!

      2 years ago