Owner: Tjeerd Hage

Author: Francis Plukker

Photography: Sim Van Gyseghem

The Renault Twingo RS133 Cup is the smallest RenaultSport car available and although it may be small, with its 133hp naturally aspirated 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine, Cup-chassis and low weight the Twingo RS133 Cup is still a true RenaultSport hot hatch. Owner Tjeerd also personalised his Twingo to his taste, while still keeping the character of the RS133 Cup. Let's find out what sets this Twingo apart from others!

What makes it so special?

On a bit of a cloudy Wednesday in August we met up with Tjeerd to shoot his Twingo RS133 Cup. Twingo’s are a common sight, but there are only fifteen phase 2 RenaultSport Twingo’s in The Netherlands. From those fifteen only nine were originally sold in The Netherlands. And of those nine only five have the Cup upgrade. The remaining six are imported cars. So you can definitely say the Twingo RS133 Cup is a bit of a unicorn on the Dutch roads. .

The first thing you notice is the unique livery

The RS133 Cup looks sportier than the normal Twingo due to its big fender flares, prominent side skirts, 17” alloys and aggressively styled bumpers. It’s a nippy little car too, with it’s 1.6 16V 4-cylinder engine, that produces 133hp at 6750 rpm. It only weighs 1050kg, and because of the Cup-chassis the car sits 4mm lower than even the normal RS. A sprint from 0-100km/h is completed in 8,7 seconds, but straight-line speed is not what the RS133 Cup is about… No, the RS133 Cup is made for twisty roads, coming alive when you chuck it from corner to corner .

One-off styling

Owner Tjeerd found the original white colour just a bit boring and thus sought to upgrade the Twingo’s exterior. This resulted in the Twingo getting its windows tinted and the windshield got a sun strip, proudly displaying the fact that this is indeed an RS 133. But Tjeerd still wasn’t satisfied and so the little Twingo got a full custom livery with bright yellow stripes, custom designed RS133 Cup logos and flags with names, inspired by the R1 rally car from Madeno Racing.

Not quite stock

When driving to the photoshoot locations, it became clear that not only the exterior of the car was upgraded. This Twingo felt quicker and sounded quite a bit more aggressive than the standard car. When I asked Tjeerd what had been done to the car, he came up with quite an extensive list of performance and handling mods.

The first thing Tjeerd wanted to fix were the standard brakes. They were too soft and when driven hard, the brakes were very susceptible to fading. So he installed Ferodo DS2500 pads. Although the brake-feel has greatly improved, Tjeerd has plans to upgrade to Brembo 4-pot calipers in the front.

Tjeerd also wanted to improve on the already sporty standard Cup suspension set-up. To achieve this a couple things where installed: the car got H&R lowering springs, a Whiteline anti roll bar and rear strut bar and Powerflex yellow engine mounts. Fun detail; Tjeerd originally wanted the Powerflex black series engine mounts, but he chose the yellow ones because they go better with the rest of the color scheme.

A bit more power

The RS133 Cup isn’t the fastest RS out there and with the new and improved handling, the car could do with a bit more power. To squeeze a bit more out of the 1.6 16V Tjeerd fitted CatCams fast road cams. Unfortunately the engine didn’t run right because the airflow was insufficient for the new cams. To solve this problem the intake manifold was slightly ported and an entirely custom Injen intake and stainless steel Scorpion exhaust system with 4-1 manifold and 200 cell sports cat was fitted. Although the car still needs to be dynoed and mapped with the upgrades it already feels quick and it sounds great! When Tjeerd finally gets to mapping the Twingo, he expects it to make about 150HP.

A very cool feature on the inside, is the RS monitor that Tjeerd fitted to keep an eye on how the car is performing. The RS monitor gives information about use of HP and torque, oil- and water temperature, braking, lap times and 0-100 time. This is very handy on one of the many trackdays and charity circuit drives Tjeerd does with his car!

When I asked if the car is finished, Tjeerd replied that he’ll always finds new things to upgrade such as a clubsport spec roll cage, but he doesn't want to take the modifying too far, maintaining the spirit of the original car because of its rarity.

You can follow Tjeerd on Instagram to see more of his RS133 Cup.




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