Feature: "The Awful Computer"

So he did what any good enabler does, he threw into heroin into the cocaine fueled fire.

4y ago

I’ll be honest. When Brenden and I packed up our gear and headed up north again to GingerMan Raceway a couple of weekends ago. I was a bit skeptical. I’ll elaborate. We made the two hour trek up to our favorite track, for something that we haven’t attended before. A lemons race. Specifically, the last of the year at GingerMan and one of the last on the Lemons schedule for 2016. The main attraction for our attendance for the event was something very special. It’s name? The “Awful Computer”.

Now. If you’re unfamiliar with “Lemons” racing. Let me give you a quick run down. Lemons, is an endurance racing series aimed at cheap, beater, unwanted cars. Each team has a $500 limit for purchasing and modifying any car of their choosing to race. Now, things like safety equipment, tires, and other consumables (brakes, fuel, etc.) are all exempt from the strict budget, because of this, you end up seeing some pretty out there cars out on track each race.

There’s one last part to the equation here. Each car/team has to have a theme about their racing program. While you may think this is stupid and trivial. Only there to entertain the organizers and the spectators a bit more, you couldn’t be any more wrong.

The theme plays into you’re starting position. So, you could build a really fast car and qualify high up on the grid. However, someone who is considerably slower than you are can qualify just as high because the organizers really liked their build/theme.

Which brings me to the car in question. You can read the rest of the feature on our website and see all the high resolution photos on our website. www.theafterburnerblog.com

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