Featured Auction - 1955 Porsche Chamonix 550 Spyder

Offered here is Chamonix 550 Spyder built in 2009 by Special Editions Inc. (USA) from the base car manufactured in Sao Paulo in Brazil.

3y ago

Estimate (£): 32,000 - 36,000.

Porsche's first attempt at building a race car was the 550 Spyder. It was powered by their Carrera 1500cc quad-cam flat-four engine and it soon gained a reputation as a ''Giant Killer'' with just a modest 115bhp. In 1956, an evolution of the Spyder won the Targa Floria and the 550 was to record numerous successes worldwide over the next few years. During September 1955 one of the first ninety 550 Spyders (Vin 550-0055) would, sadly, be immortalised in history when James Dean, actor and budding racing driver, collided with Donald Turnupseed on his way to the Salinas Road Race. The trans-axle was removed from the wreck of the Spyder and is still owned in the USA, and the battered bodywork of ''Little Bastard'' toured the States as a macabre reminder to speeding motorists. Between venues, it went missing and has not been heard of since, however, somebody knows where it is.

Offered here is Chamonix 550 Spyder built in 2009 by Special Editions Inc. (USA) from the base car manufactured in Sao Paulo in Brazil. It was initially supplied to F1 Assistant Race Director, Herbie Blash who’s usually seen in the driver's weighing room after a Grand Prix. Special Editions Inc. has been responsible for producing other 550 Spyders for the likes of Jay Leno and designer Gordon Murray leaving no doubt about the quality and desirability of these well-crafted cars.

The overall fit and finish of the bodywork is of an exceptionally high standard and the general condition is commensurate with only having covered 3,500 miles. The rear wings have been painstakingly detailed with red painted flashes with gold edging as a ‘nod’ to period race liveries and are painted on. The look continues with a GT mirror, Porsche badging, mesh headlight covers and leather engine-cover straps. The red leather interior features a 14’’ Nardi wood rim wheel, aluminium control stalks, and a push-button starter. The weather equipment consists of full/half tonneau and side screens. The engine is 1915cc which gives vivid performance combined with the legendary nimble handling offered by the tubular chassis and coil-over suspension. It's registered as a 1955 Chamonix so its exempt from Road Fund Tax.

With original 550 Spyders’ at £5,000,000, this is a very good second best and in this condition, and at this guide, represents remarkable value.

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