Featured auction - 1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT

27w ago


Estimate: Around £2.5 Million.

The short-wheelbase, lightweight DB4GT was launched at the 1959 London Motor Show within the Earl's Court exhibition halls. It was driven by Stirling Moss to win upon its debut at Silverstone and quickly began to accumulate further success, taking the battle to Ferrari.

Aston Martin's DB4GT model featured many modifications compared with the standard DB4 Coupe. No fewer than 5 inches were removed from the wheelbase and light-alloy door, bonnet, bootlid, firewall, floors, propeller-shaft tunnel and even suspension parts were adopted to trim weight. Perspex replaced toughened glass in the windows. The DB4GT featured the standard DB4 model's 4-speed synchromesh gearbox cluster but now housed within a lightweight aluminium case, while the disc brake system was uprated with 12-inch front and 11-inch rear discs, clasped by Girling calipers.

The model's Tadek Marek-designed 3,670cc aluminium twin-overhead camshaft in-line 6-cylinder engine carried a redesigned new light-alloy cylinder head. The unit featured higher-compression pistons and breathed through a rack of three Weber 45DCOE twin-choke carburettors. Power output was quoted as an impressive 302bhp at 6,000rpm, while torque peaked at 240lbs/ft at 5,000rpm. Bodywork was thinly panelled on the Touring of Milan Superleggera principle, supported by a fine-gauge multi-tubular sub-structure. Overall weight was listed as 1,128kg - 2,480lbs.

Find out more about the cars history here: gaukmotors.co.uk/post/featured-auction---1960-aston-martin-db4-gt

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