Featured Auction - 1968 Ferrari 365 GTC Coupé

Examples of this strikingly handsome, startlingly fast, and much under-rated Ferrari Gran Turismo model are rare even by Ferrari standards.

4y ago

Pininfarina clothed it all in a beautifully refined bodyshell employing the nose lines of the 500 Superfast and the tail treatment of the contemporary 275 GTS. It was built at Grugliasco by Pininfarina themselves...' - Hans Tanner & Doug Nye, 'Ferrari', 1984.

In essence a closed version of the 275 GTS, the 330 GTC – immediate forerunner of the 365 GTC - was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1966. Beneath the understated Pininfarina coachwork there was the 4.0-litre version of Ferrari's familiar Colombo-designed two-cam 60-degree V12 (as used in the 330GT 2+2) mated to a five-speed all-synchromesh transaxle. The chassis was of relatively short wheelbase (2,400mm) and the suspension independent all round by wishbones and coil springs. Naturally, there were disc brakes on all four wheels.

Introduced late in 1968 as a replacement for the 330 GTC and given its first public airing at Geneva in March 1969, the 365 GTC was virtually identical in appearance apart from engine cooling vents relocated in the bonnet, a feature it shared with last of the 330s. Installing an 81mm-bore 4.4-litre V12 in place of the 300 GTC's 4.0-litre unit boosted mid-range torque and flexibility while maximum power was raised to 320bhp at 6,600rpm; acceleration improved markedly and the luxury coupés top speed increased to over 150mph. Less obvious to the eye were the refinements made to the drive-train that achieved a marked reduction in cabin noise, a sign that Ferrari understood that 365 GTC customers valued comfort as well as high performance. A sumptuous leather-trimmed interior, electric windows, and heated rear screen were standard equipment, while air conditioning could be ordered as an option. Like so many European sports cars, the 365 GTC (and convertible 365 GTS) would fall victim to increasingly stringent US safety and emissions legislation, production ceasing after less than one year during which time around 150 GTC and 20 GTS models left the factory.

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