Featured Auction - 1973 Porsche 911 2.7 R-Gruppe

After a handful of owners in the US, one owner decided to create something special and that is precisely what he did.

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The 1973 Porsche 911 is considered by most knowledgeable Porsche enthusiasts to be the single best 911 of all time. This is high praise when you consider the large number of 911 models that have been built over the 50+ years since the model's introduction. The Carrera RS (Renn Sport) is still to this day the benchmark 911, the beautiful lines only being matched by the sheer delight of driving it, with its positive steering, exhilarating sound and linear performance. Built before the American "impact bumper" era and the oil/fuel crisis, the RS had a purity of purpose that was not compromised by outside factors. For this reason, the Porsche RS Replica market has grown enormously and demand is far outstripping the supply of quality machines.

Long before the likes of Magnus Walker was on the Porsche scene, there was a group of like-minded enthusiasts in America who were leading the way with 'hot-rod' Porsche 911s. The club was founded in the late nineties by Cris Huergas who had subtly modified his '69 911S. The car attracted the attention of Freeman Thomas who, together with Chris founded R-Gruppe, a club that in turn inspired countless 911 enthusiasts to adopt similar modifications as set out in the factory's Sports Purpose Manual. The R-Gruppe was born, and with it an exclusive invitation-only membership to one of the most elite Porsche clubs in the world.

This original ‘F-Series' Porsche 911T was built in 1973 and supplied new to the United States in left-hand drive. Finished in Tangerine Orange (paint code #2323) with black leatherette, the car originally came with optional equipment such as Koni shock absorbers, a rear spoiler, and tinted glass all round. After a handful of owners in the US, it was decided by long-term owner Tom Wilkinson in Oregon to create something special and that is precisely what he did. Respected Porsche specialist Jeff Gamroth of Rothsport, Oregon was commissioned to build a free-revving, lightened and balanced 2.7-litre engine based on genuine 1974 7R crankcases. The build spec included 10thou overbored crankcases, reconditioned conrods, new phosphorus bronze valve guides, 36mm throttle bodies, an upgraded oil pump, and a fuel pump to RS-specification. This engine was then married to a 917 transmission with a Quaife LSD and Wevo short-shifter.

Bilstein HD dampers front and rear, ARB torsion bars and disc brakes all-round ensure this stunning 911 handles and stops as well as it goes. After being carefully reassembled with weight saving a priority, the car was placed on 911R Fuchs alloys wheels. Open the driver's door and you are greeted with a genuine RS steering wheel, a 10k tachometer and a sharp, functional interior. The glove box has a discreet cigar lighter attachment for modern MP3 players and sat-nav systems. The quality of the paint and doors shuts will impress the moment you lay eyes on this Tangerine wonder.

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