Featured Auction - 1984 BMW M635 CSi

The brainchild of BMW's Motorsport department, the M635 CSi's performance credentials were emphatically in the supercar league for it's time.

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Stylish, fast and well engineered, the 635CSi enjoyed a production run lasting into the 1990s, being periodically updated in line with its sister models. The 6-Series Coupé debuted in 1976 and was mechanically similar to the 7-Series saloons, although introduced before them. Karmann-styled, like the preceding 3.0CS/CSi, the newcomer was similarly well-specified, featuring all-independent suspension, four-wheel disc brakes and power-assisted steering as standard.

The brainchild of BMW's Motorsport department, the M635CSi version arrived in 1984. Its engine was a development of the M1 supercar's 3.5-litre, 24-valve six-cylinder unit producing 286bhp, the increased power necessitating chassis improvements which included altered weight distribution, revised suspension, bigger brakes and a limited-slip differential. There was also a close-ratio five-speed gearbox (or four-speed multi-mode auto) and a more luxurious interior, while outwardly this ultimate 6-Series model was readily distinguishable by virtue of its 'M Technic' body kit. Performance was emphatically in the supercar league, the M635CSi being capable of reaching 62mph in around 6 seconds on its way to a top speed in excess of 155mph.

The Car Offered

This 1984 RHD M635 CSi (chassis No. WBAEE320X00760004), according to the BMW M Register, was the “ fourth UK-specification example ever produced” with the first 3 being built one month earlier for evaluation and subsequently sent to the crusher, making this “quite possibly the oldest UK M635 in the world.” The car was finished on October the 12th 1984 and the build sheet carries the generic '940' option code which means that it was initially built with 'special equipment' or for a special purpose. It is believed that it came to the UK as an early demonstration and promotion/press vehicle.

Interestingly, in correspondence with a previous owner, the Registrar also mentions that Sable Brown Metallic is an extremely rare colour on any M635, particularly UK cars with only two having been recorded in total, this being one.

This is a very attractive example of BM's 'Hot Ship' from the mid-eighties and looks to be in fabulous condition. We understand it has only covered 57,000 miles and has been well maintained, and it appears that retaining the M6's originality has been a bit of a mission. The 'first' of anything is always a bit special, and we would suggest that its lucky next owner will have lots to feel pleased about.

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