Featured: E36 BMW M3 Saloon

3y ago


Imagine the scenario. You’ve been tasked with engineering the car to replace a model which is critically acclaimed and has collected 18 motorsport titles in a six year lifespan. Where do you begin? It really is the impossible job. The original BMW E30 M3 was a bone fide M car. Built with one purpose – to win touring car races. It was a bespoke machine that was far removed from the rest of the 3-series range. It wracked up the rewards and critical acclaim. So when it came to replacing this automotive legend, BMW knew exactly what to do. Rip up the blueprints and go off in a different direction.

The E36 M3 is everything that straight A, first class honours, older brother E30 isn’t. The E36 isn’t the frenetic, intense and focused machine the original M3 was. And it’s all the better for it. It’s a grand tourer, a business man’s express, an autobahn stormer. But it’s equally at home on a B-road blast. The car has become a classic in it’s own right and values have soared, now the car has been freed from the clutches of the industrial estate donut merchants. I’m Neil_M on the forum, this is my E36 M3 below, and I’m going to let you know why this generation of M3 is potentially the pick of the M-Power bunch.

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