Fed up with the hot hatchbacks to go playing on the mountain roads !? Need a little and nimble coupé sportscar and dislike Alfa Romeos !?

Here comes the one and only ALPINE A110


In a between range of sportscar from the Fiat 124 abarth to the Porsche 718, the brand new Alpine knows actually one opponent only :

the Alfa Romeo 4c but where the Alfa tries to be a little Ferrari, the A110 succeed to be faithful to her origins : the 1960's Renault alpine 110 berlinette.

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Comments (2)

  • This is such a long time expectation ! And furthermore I know that Renault has the resources to put into production something in the range of supercars with for instance a Nissan 3.5biturbo v6 in a new alpine a310

      4 years ago