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Fellow F1 fans! Please check out my 'hand cut vinyl' automotive art. Originals; prints; posters; t-shirts all available via: joelclarkartist.carbonmade.com (please note that posters, wallpapers and t-shirts are available via other websites - details on my site)

Thanks and hope you like and share my work.

#carart #autoart #formula1 #f1 #classicf1

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  • First...your work is beautiful.

    I went to the website you referenced (via iPhone 7 plus. Fully updated), and I couldn't find any way to look at and buy a t shirt.

    Constructive criticism; you're trying to sell something, make the purchasing funnel obvious & easy for the customer. No hidden menus under art, nothing fancy. Show the product with a big, fat, red "Buy Now" button.

    Make sure to test that your site renders properly on all devices.

    I was ready to put money in your pocket, but I left the site because I couldn't figure out how to buy a shirt.

    My second career is marketing. I do nothing without a/b split testing. Making art & selling art art two different animals. if You want to sell your work, learn what a sales funnel is.

    Good luck - your work is fantastic!

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