The Ferrari 360 is the car with which the Maranello company entered the third millennium and is also one of its most successful products.

Built in more than 16,000 copies, it was assembled until 2004 when it was replaced by the new F430.

Based on an aluminum spaceframe chassis, the car was equipped with a 400 hp V8 engine managed by a sequential six-speed F1 gearbox and combined with rear-wheel drive.

Given its remarkable success, many tuning companies have dedicated themselves to its strengthening and in 2011 there was also an Italian company that took care of it.

This is the Fenicie Milano, which has created a special 360 Modena called Su Misura F101 on commission from one of its customers.

Externally the car has been updated with a new carbon fiber body kit and new 20" alloy wheels have been fitted.

In the interior, new carbon fiber sports seats , a safety roll-bar to stiffen the chassis and a new GPS system inserted inside the dashboard were installed.

The power of the V8 engine was then increased to 450 hp with the installation of a titanium exhaust system and a sports electronic control unit.


The car is a good representation of the fact that quality tuning companies exist in Italy too, but what do you think?

Thank you to Valentina Zanola for the cooperation

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