- The 2-time F1 champion crashes in Indy 500 practice session. Photo Credit: NTT IndyCar Series.

Fernando Alonso Crashes in Indy 500 Practice Session

6d ago


One hour ago (at the time of writing, 8:55pm GMT), NTT Indycar Series posted the below video to Youtube of Fernando Alonso crashing his Indy 500 Mclaren car in practice. The Spaniard taps the wall after momentarily losing the back end of his race car after one of the two long left turns.

The car goes into a high speed spin, where he hits the inside wall backwards, breaking his rear suspension. The car continues across the track, hitting the front suspension into the outside wall.

Fernando Alonso made his promising debut to the Indy Car Series in 2017, missing the F1 Monaco Grand Prix. With F1 no longer being a commitment, it will be interesting to see how well he does this year. Fernando's engine failed in 2017, where he was predicted P2.

Alonso has been confirmed to be okay, where he was, quote, "Quickly checked and cleared from the medical centre'. This is good news for all fans of motorsport. Best of luck for the Indy 500 this year Fernando, I'll be routing for you!

Watch the full video here that is on NTT IndyCar Series' YouTube channel: