Fernando Alonso has announced his own eSports team

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After McLaren brought its 'World's Fastest Gamer' series to a close last week, Fernando Alonso has dipped into the sim racing world through the launch of his own eSports team. Labelled as FA Racing, the team will compete in numerous F1-based eSports events as well as exploring other areas of the eRacing spectrum.

Fernando has been a busy chap of late, considering he's been testing LMP cars for Toyota as well as juggling the tail end of a torrid F1 season. But this new venture is unprecedented in the F1 paddock and could set a standard for Alonso's compatriots.

Rudy van Buren has just been signed as the official simulator driver for the 2018 season at McLaren and will surely have a part to play in this new eRacing team, with the ex-Dutch Karting champion obviously showing his promise as a sim racer. Along with additional talented eSports stars, FA Racing looks to be the first proper effort from an F1 driver and his team to enter the world of racing sims.

Two-time F1 World Champion Alonso has said that FA Racing is open to anyone that is talented enough behind the wheel, saying:

“It is very exciting, and it is a completely new thing to discover.

“I think eSports in other formats has been very successful but in racing, it is at the very beginning, and I think huge potential will come.

“I am happy to be one of the first investing in this direction and I think good and fun times are coming – not only for us, but for gamers at home and for fans.”

What do you think of Alonso's latest move? Would you tune into an eSports event featuring the talented Spaniard? Comment with your thoughts below!

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  • Oh yes, racing is racing, this game has always changed daily!

    1 year ago
  • FA Racing? Very apt as that's all he's done this year with that Honda!

    1 year ago