Ferrari 488 Pista - Forza Horizon 4 - Short Review

The finest of the finest (until the next one comes along)

31w ago


It is here! The hardcore version of the 488, a car from a lineage that has also produced the 458 Speciale, 430 Scuderia and 360 Challenge Stradale, not an easy thing to follow. The 488 also has the hard task of being the first of these to used forced induction, much to the outcry of purists everywhere. You'd think Ferrari had unveiled a city car for all the caps locked comments. The 488 is therefore a car Ferrari need to get right and one we in the Forza world want to drive.

Immediately, the 488's interior looks dated by modern standards, it whiffs very strongly of the 458 from 10 years ago. You sit close to the steering wheel, the large wheel dominating your lower vision over the rest of the spartan dashboard. The refreshed touches on the Pista are a welcome addition on the outside of the car, the new new nose and rear lights particularly suiting the Pista.

Go ahead and idle the 488 before you drive it, it sounds brutal to the ear. To experience the undistllled noise of the flat-plane V8 is to experience one of the stronger noises in the game, it has so many layers of sound just at idle and when you rev the V8 there is that Italian scream with no turbo noise. There is no perceivable turbo lag from the 488 either, a big plus point for what makes these special Ferrari's so amazing to drive; a natural, mechanical feeling. With no turbo-lag, the power delivery feels natural, predictable and is bloody quick, brilliant for pushing the Pista to it's limit.

The steering of the 488 borders on perfection, tip-of-your-finger light at lower speeds gaining weight and feel through longer bends. Ideally, this extra feel would come a fraction earlier but it never feels out of its depth. The other benefit to the light steering is the way you can chuck the Pista into corners and slide around them in beautiful control. It takes a lot of arsing around for the Pista to snap back at you and should you overcook it, you can only sit back and watch a smoke and spin show as no level of input will save you. The brakes thankfully can keep up with the speed and steering in the Pista, injecting some much needed security into the mix and having a good feel to them too.

Overall, the hype that a new Ferrari garners is justified here as opposed to the somewhat disappointing 812. The 488 Pista is a brilliant supercar, well suited to the game and a has all the charisma a Ferrari needs. Although it plays second fiddle to the McLaren 600LT in terms of driving dynamics, it sounds way better and looks far more like a supercar should. It's the one I'd choose.

At last it's in the game!

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