Ferrari 512

2y ago

We can grow old, but our cars can last forever.This was how many people’s dream cars, let’s like it, let me see.

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  • and yes....i miss pop-up headlamps! if pedestrians are too engrossed in their "smart phone" experience to look up and see if there is an oncoming car then perhaps they deserve evisceration from headlamp fixtures and should be held liable for the damages to said vehicle! :-)

    these cars(from the late 70's to the late 90's) were in my opinion some of the best ferrari had offered.even if most of the parts were labelled N.L.A. a decent bodge or retrofit can be had to keep them going. the older ones were..let's say...a bit too much of a pain in the butt mechanically with a potential catastrophic surprise awaiting around any random corner(see: lamborghini and the dead ferrari clutch debacle that ensued). the new ones are technological nightmares that likely,unless put under glass, will not survive the ravages of time due to too much tech and the issues that arise from it. then again, that can be said of any manufacturer of mass marketed vehicles these days.

    i miss these cars.

      2 years ago