- The Ferrari 900 ( Photo Credits : www.extravaganzi.com )

Ferrari 900: Two wheels for the Cavallino Rampante

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It was 1988 when Enzo Ferrari, creator of the iconic car company, died at the age of 90: all over the world people mourned his genius and some of them tried to pay their respects in an unconventional way.

David Kay, former designer of MV Augusta, was one of them. In 1990 he asked Enzo's son, Piero, permission to use the company brand for a motorbike dedicated to the founder of Ferrari.

This project required five years of work and more than 3000 working hours to complete the motorcycle, and finally, in 1995 the Ferrari 900 was born.

Front Section of Ferrari 900 ( Photo Credits : www.extravaganzi.com )

The four-cylinder 16-valve engine of 900 cc in magnesium and aluminum of its project is handled by a 5-speed gearbox.

The four cylinder engine ( Photo Credits : www.extravaganzi.com )

Capable of reaching 105 HP, the propeller was placed transversely inside an aluminum body which could stretch the motorbike's speed to a maximum of 265 km/h.

The instrument panel ( Photo Credits : www.extravaganzi.com )

Final mechanical equipments consisted of braking system made by Bremo and alloy wheels 17 inches made by Astralite.

Being the only sample ever produced, Ferarri 900 is obviously an ambitious trophy for any collectors.

Thanks to Valentina Zanola for the cooperation

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