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Ferrari: All we need to know.

We all think we know the prancing horse, but do we really, well yes some do and they even know more than me which is no surprise really.

The prancing horse.

Easily the best supercar manufacturer ever, Ferrari is pure speed and luxury, even if many will argue that Lamborghini is the best supercar manufacturer and although one of the best without a shadow of a doubt with its glamour, luxury and bedroom wallpaper status, it doesn't even eclipse the motorsport pedigree, the passion and the history that Ferrari has and still upholds to this day.

The beginning and the man behind the prancing horse.

Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari

Born on February 18, 1898 in Modena Italy, Enzo Ferrari was born in a time where the automobile was just 12 years old and would not start his legendary story in motorsport until October 1919 at the age of 21 when he would part take in his first motor race, a hill climb race in Parma Italy, he finished fourth not bad but not great, Enzo Ferrari was a good driver, but not a great one winning only 13 races of 47 races that he entered.

Many people say the fault for his poor racing performance is due to him caring to much about what car he is driving and that he could never bring himself to ruin a car or its engine for the sake of winning a race.

He wouldn't end his racing career until 12 years later in August 1931 and became a father with the birth of his beloved sun Dino in January 1932.

There is a film made in 2003 about his life in depth, but this article is not about Enzo Ferrari's life but rather the history of Ferrari.

Ferrari was established in 1947, 16 years after Enzo Ferrari quit being a racing driver, the Scuderia Ferrari which is Italian for team Ferrari was founded in 1947 in Maranello Italy with help from Alfa Romeo and started introducing a V12 engine which became one of it's signatures still even till this day.

it wasn't until 1947, almost a full ten years after Enzo left Alfa Romeo that the first sports car by Ferrari the 125 s or better said 125 sport drove out of the factory entrance of the Via Abertone Inferiore in Maranello Italy, there were only two models produced.

The car was entered into it's first competitive race in May of that year at the Piacenza Circuit and won the Rome grand prix on the 25th of May.

The car was set to be released to the public but the date was pushed back due to the effects and events of world war two where the factory of Modena was bombed, after the bombing of the factory in Modena the company made a decision to move to Maranello where they built the legendary factory that we all come to know and love and that still to this day stands.

The next few decades , Ferrari grew in success with it's cars competing in Formula 1, 24 hours of Le Mans, and many touring car races.

The fans and motorsport.

Tifosi cheering Sebastian Vettel.

Tifosi cheering Sebastian Vettel.

Ferrari also grew a massive fan following through all of it's success in motorsport and even got it's own name, the tifosi, which literally is just Italian for fans, but these are not just any fans, these are fans that not just like Ferrari but love them and have immense passion for their favourite car brand.

The kings of Formula one

Michael Schumacher winning at the 2006 German Grand Prix Grand Prix for Ferrari.

Michael Schumacher winning at the 2006 German Grand Prix Grand Prix for Ferrari.

Ferrari has been more well known for their success in Formula One creating some of the most well known champions like Juan Manuel Fangio, Niki Lauda, Jody Scheckter, Kimi Raikkonen, and of course the legendary Michael Schumacher.

The Scuderia Ferrari is the only team in the championship to never miss any season since it started competing in 1950 despite all the financial problems it faced before being sold to FIAT in 1969, even though FIAT only bought 50% percent of the marque back then, it went later on to acquire 90% percent of the marque in 1988 and later announcing to separate it from the FCA (FIAT CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES) group on October 2014.

The racing team has never won any championship since 2007 when Kimi Raikkonen won the world championship which is to be also the finish driver's only title as well, Brazilian driver Fellipe Massa almost clinched the 2008 world title at his home race at the Brazilian Grand Prix but was denied the title when British driver Lewis Hamilton passed Timo Glock on the final lap to claim enough points to snatch the title away from Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel also almost clinched another world championship for the Scuderia in 2018 but what many think is the reason for his downfall crashed at the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim after light rain caused the track surface to become slippery and caused his car to loose traction and forced him to slide into the barrier to also change the whole course of the season and later give Lewis Hamilton another world title, Ferrari has been struggling since but many know, especially Ferrari fans they will rise again to claim once again what is theirs.

The stars of the prancing horse.

The beautiful and elegant Ferrari F50.

The beautiful and elegant Ferrari F50.

Ferrari is also obviously known for it's supercar's, many of which include the Ferrari F40, Ferrari Testarosa, Ferrari F430 and the infamous Ferrari Enzo, their more recent models include the LaFerrari, the the 458 and the 488 is also some of the most infamous models.

As in recently many have criticized the the Italian automaker for selling more clothing and merchandise than cars and there is a good reason for it.

Lets be honest, clothes are a lot cheaper than for example a brand new 812 GTS which will set you back a huge number of five hundred and eighty five thousand eight hundred and ninety two US dollars ($558192) and I am wearing a hundred dollar maybe less Ferrari T-Shirt, yes it's no secret that a brand spanking new Ferrari costs an arm and a leg and maybe your lungs as well but if your a Arabian prince your maybe thinking of buying this car or wondering if there is more to offer, well yes the prancing horse has a lot more to offer like the F8 spider, the 812 GTS, GTC 4 Luso and the SF90 stradale which can also be bought at more or less the same price.

The Italian marque's future.

The SF90 stradale, Ferrari's recent hybrid model.

The SF90 stradale, Ferrari's recent hybrid model.

Where or more or less what does Ferrari's future hold, with many car brands moving to full electric models very soon like for example Jaguar and Nissan one must wonder what does Ferrari plan to do?

While most may already know Ferrari's intention's for the future not many do know. While Ferrari has clearly made progress in it's hybrid technology as shown on the SF90 stradale the marque has shown no intentions towards going fully electric any time in the near or distant future. CEO of Ferrari Louis Camilleri said that he doesn't envision Ferrari ever abandoning the internal combustion engine soon or as a matter of a fact he doesn't envision the marque going fully electric in his lifetime.

"However, my own sense is that, you know , to sort of say one hundred percent electrical , that's pushing things. I really don't see Ferrari ever ever being at one hundred percent EV and certainly not in my lifetime will reach even fifty percent" is the word's of Louis Camilleri which actually runs counter to what he said in 2018 about how he suggested that the marque's first all electric car would be on the road by 2025 or 2030.

Off course it's hard to imagine that Ferrari will give up on it's hybrid tech especially after the success of the SF90 although most Ferrari purists will suggest otherwise, but as a Ferrari fan myself I would rather see a hybrid lineup instead of an EV Ferrari.

So what have we learned?

Well nothing really except that Ferrari has not yet thinked of abandoning that good old Ferrari engine and it's good old symphony, they are the king's of formula one and are devoted to the sport no matter what, it's the dream work of a man dedicated to his dream's and it forms a love story between it's fans not just in Italy but around the globe.

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