Ferrari and Formula 1 'need each other'

"Ferrari and Formula 1 are synonymous - but they both need each other," says Red Bull chief Christian Horner

3y ago

Christian Horner doesn't believe Ferrari can afford to leave Formula 1 but says the team and sport "both need each other" as the debate surrounding the iconic outfit and its long-term future continues.

While the sport's engine blueprint for 2021 onwards has received mixed reviews across the paddock, Ferrari's verdict following the meeting was clear - with president Sergio Marchionne warning he would have no problem pulling the Scuderia out of F1 if they do not agree with Liberty Media's plans.

It leaves F1's new American owners in a precarious position regarding their most successful team and renowned brand, with more crunch meetings ahead of the sport's next 'regulations reset' lined up in the coming months.

And Horner, who was present when Liberty revealed their vision for the future, has had his say on Marchionne's comments and the prospect of the sport's only ever-present team quitting.

"Sergio's never happy, he enjoys being unhappy!" the Red Bull team boss told Sky Sports F1. "It would be a great shame [if Ferrari pulled out]. Ferrari and Formula 1 are synonymous - but they both need each other.

"The two go hand in hand together and have done since the beginning of the championship. Nobody wants to lose Ferrari and I don't think Ferrari can afford to lose Formula 1."

It's not the first time Ferrari have issued a quit threat, however, and Horner believes the 16-time Constructors' Champions will eventually remain.

"They'll bluster that they don't need Formula 1, but what other form of motor racing is going to give Ferrari the platform that Formula 1 does?," he added.

"There will be a lot of chest puffing but I think when the music stops they will be there."

But Ferrari haven't been the only team voicing their discontent.

Mercedes and Renault were also unhappy about proposed engine regulations, with Silver Arrows' chief Toto Wolff claiming it was too early to discuss changes and that there were "many different opinions".

"The meeting about the engines was pretty cordial to be honest," explained Horner. "There was no table banging - Toto didn't thump the table or anything like that.

"I think Ferrari are linking engines to all kinds of other issues. They're obviously looking at the picture as a whole rather than looking at engines individually."


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Comments (6)

  • F1 lost the plot when it became prohibitively expensive to attend a race and the technical regulations so complex that what was a flat out sprint race has become a lesson in management of tyres/fuel/engine components. Biased payments to teams just exacerbate the difference between the haves and have nots - Ferrari are part of the problem with the extra payments they receive just for turning up!

    Conversely - endurance racing has become a sprint for 4, 6 or 24 hours with close racing throughout. It's also much more accessible, cheaper for the fans and has superb racing from start to finish. More and more manufacturers are joining WEC. F1 take note.

      3 years ago
  • I'm sorry but the only way to fix F1 is to give it back to the people make it accessible put it on the net and put it back on free to air TV. They make enough money from advertising and sponsorship and from people going to the race and watching why make the viewing public, the real fans pay to watch. As a life time fan I have only seen one or two races this season due to not wanting to pay Foxtel for a sports package that would be a waste of money for just watching F1 and the V8s. The Australian V8 series will face the same fate as F1 dwindling viewers due to having to pay to watch............

      3 years ago
  • If Ferrari leave! It will be the end of F1!

      3 years ago
  • Ferrari is formula one. In case they pull out the platform will stop to exist in a very short period of time.

      3 years ago