Ferrari and Pierre Bardinon : a beautiful story that ends sadly.

45w ago


Remember, in August 2012, disappeared Pierre Bardinon, true fondue of Ferrari, creator of the circuit of Mas-du-Clos in the French department of Creuse. And this great man had the particularity of being the greatest collector of Ferrari in the world and besides, to be knighted by Enzo Ferrari in Person with this phrase remained famous: when asked why he had not created Ferrari museum, he replied "No need, Bardinon did it for me !".

Unfortunately, the heritage has returned to the forefront. Because in July of this year, the court of Guéret must rule on the fate of a Ferrai GTO of 1964, this Ferrai is the main point of contention between the children of Pierre Bardinon.

Why does this Ferrari crystallize rancor?

Because it was sold in 2014 for 38 million € to a rich Taiwanese collector by Patrick, one of the children Bardinon, who considered that it belonged to him because according to him his father would have offered it to him, and the gray card would be to his name.

The other two children of the siblings refute this thesis, because for them, Pierre Bardinon would have used to write the names of his children randomly on the gray cards in a random way without this being considered as a gift.

So for them, the sale of the GTO in 2014 is a breach of trust, and would like their share on the proceeds of this sale.


Even the biggest car brands are not immune to inheritance disputes, and it's sad.