Ferrari Could Possibly Leave F1 After New Proposals From Liberty Media

Boy crying wolf comes to mind...

3y ago

Liberty Media acquired Formula 1 earlier this year, and it's a change that we're all still slightly scared of... Ferrari have similar fears after the American company released new proposals for a new, simpler, and cheaper engine design that could be introduced in 2021.

Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne said F1 had been "part of our DNA since the day we were born.

"If we change the sandbox to the point it becomes unrecognisable, I don't want to play any more."

Both Mercedes and Renault also had similar complaints over the new engine proposals which are said to produce less emissions and a better noise, and which will hopefully even the playing field. They will be 1.6-litre V6 turbo hybrid units, but with an extra 3000rpm at the top. Maybe they are listening to us after all!

Sergio Marchionne (right)

Sergio Marchionne (right)

Marchionne is set to confront these new proposals in a meeting on the 7th of November with F1 and the FIA.

He says, "Liberty has got a couple of good intentions in all of this, one of which is to reduce the cost of execution for the team, which I think is good.

"There are a couple of things we don't necessarily agree with, one of which is the fact that somehow powertrain uniqueness is not going to be one of the drivers of distinctiveness of the participants' line-up. I would not countenance this going forward.

"The fact we now appear to be at odds in terms of the strategic development of this thing, and we see the sport in 2021 taking on a different air, is going to force some decisions on the part of Ferrari.

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel

"I understand Liberty may have taken these into account, but it needs to be absolutely clear that unless we find a set of circumstances, the results of which are beneficial to the maintenance of the brand, and the marketplace, and to the strengthening of the unique position for Ferrari, Ferrari will not play."

He ends by explaining how he will be walking into the meeting with the best of intentions for the sport and Liberty Media, but he doesn't want F1 to turn into a global NASCAR.

Liberty Media have said that they are willing to listen to alternative ideas.




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Comments (3)

  • Is this happens we will be seeing the death of F1, I hope that the V8’s return at some time

      3 years ago
  • They’ve threatened this every time the rules don’t go their way. How will they they sell all their tat if they don’t have an f1 team to advertise it? Don’t they get 100 million from f1 just for turning up and a veto if the rules don’t fit their technology. Annoying twats.

      3 years ago
  • ^fewer emissions

      3 years ago