Ferrari Enzo designer shows us his new car with Jay Leno

1y ago


Jay Leno is a guy that all of us have to respect for his extreme passion for cars. In this episode of Jay Leno's garage he's given the opportunity to have full detailed tour of the Kode 57 made and designed Ken Okuyama.

You may know of Okuyama from his time spent at Pininfarina where he helped design the Ferrari Enzo. After that, he founded his own design firm which birthed the design of the Kode 57 which is based on a Ferrari 599 chassis and engine. Heavy inspiration comes from his earlier work on the Enzo, as can be seen at the front end.

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  • That car looks like a ferrari Anzo had a one night stand with a Mercedes SLR 722 Edition... anda BMW Z1 fooling arround somewhere in between.... :D

    1 year ago
  • I’ll pass

    1 year ago


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