Ferrari F8 Spider 710hp, 211mph - Good enough to beat the McLaren 720s Spider?

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Drop-top or 'spider' versions of super-cars are a pretty common thing, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini and all the other cool kids are doing it, as such the newest model to come out of Maranello isn't much of a surprise - meet the Ferrari F8 Spider.

The F8 Spider is basically an F8 Tributo with a retractable roof, which is no bad thing to be honest. Speaking of the roof, it's a hard-top panel that takes 14 seconds to open or close and you can do that at speeds up to 28mph. Neat huh?

Power comes from a 3.9 litre twin-turbo V8 making 710bhp and 770nm of torque, the same as the F8 Tributo and about the same as it's core rival the McLaren 720s Spider. It's also 50bhp more than the outgoing 488 Spider, this thanks to new Inconel manifolds and apparently better cooling provided by the F8's aerodynamic design.

Ferrari says the F8 Spider is meant to be 'sportier' than the 488 Spider but tamer than the 488 Pista Spider. This should be helped by the new "vehicle dynamics systems that make driving on the limit easier”, which is the same quote used by Ferrari in the F8 Tributo release.

Performance wise, the F8 Spider will hit 62mph in 2.9sec and 124mph in 8.2s, afterwards it will go on to 211mph. In a straight line then the F8 matches the McLaren to 62mph but loses by 0.3sec to the 124mph mark, as well as loosing out on the top end by 1mph. But do you really care?

Need more info to decide? Fine. Tipping the scales at 1400kg the F8 Spider is 20kg's lighter than the 488 Spider and quite oddly 35kg's lighter than the F8 Tirbuto Coupe. Compared to the Mclaren 720s the Ferrari is 68kg's heavier though.

There is no word on price as of yet but expect it to be £20-30k more than the coupe which starts at just over £200,000. The rivaling 720s Spider starts from £237,000.

On Paper the McLaren wins, but Ferrari... well it's a Ferrari. Anyway if you can afford one of these, there is a good chance you can afford both at the same time - so what's the issue? Just get in and enjoy both of these very similar but very different beasts.

Listen to it roar here:

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