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In 2005, Ferrari developed a non-street-legal, track-only model and announced a special program for customers of this car. This was the Ferrari FXX, and the FXX program.

Ferrari FXX

Ferrari FXX

The FXX was based on the special model that was sold in limited numbers in 2002, the Enzo. The monocoque and body panels utilised carbon composites to reduce the weight down to 1155 kg, and aerodynamics were refined to give it 40% more downforce than the original Enzo. The latest technology at Ferrari was poured into its development.

Based on the 5998 cc V12, the displacement was increased to 6262cc, producing 788 BHP and 70 kgfm torque. The shift speed of the paddle-shift tansmission was almost equal to that of F1 machines, and the car was without a doubt the fastest machine ever to be sold to customers. With its electronic devices disabled, it was an extreme car that would even make professional racing drivers work for their money.

29 drivers that were approved by Ferrari to become owners of this car participated in the FXX program. The owners received proffessional tutelage to drive the FXX on circuits, and 39 defferent data points were collected to utilise in future super sportcar development. In essence, this meant FXX owners had the unique opportunity of participating in the creation of next-generation Ferrari cars as test drivers. The base packege price for the car and the program was announced to be a 1,5 million Euros. This was a deram project only made possible by a company like Ferrari.

Ferrari has built 30, adding one special edition to the 29 that were originally planned. The original 29 have all been sold to pre-selected past Ferrari customers. The 30th was retained by Ferrari S.p.A. and presented to Ferrari's F1 World Champion driver, Michael Schumacher, when he retired from Formula One racing at the end of 2006. Schumacher's FXX differs from others in being black without a stripe, having red trimmed wheels, matte rather than chrome exhaust tips, and his personal logo stitched on the racing seats.

Ferrari FXX Signed by Michael #Schumacher

Ferrari FXX Signed by Michael #Schumacher

The Ferrari FXX program continued until 2009. The car continued to be improved under the Evolution kit, which continually adjusts specifics to create more power and quicker gear changes, and to lower the car's aerodynamic drag. The V12 engine generates 860 PS (630 kW; 850 hp) at 9500 rpm, giving a theoretical top speed of 400 kilometres per hour (250 mph), which could be reached in under 40 seconds. The car also accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour (0 to 62 mph) in 2.5 s. There were gearbox changes so that shift time should be reduced to 60 milliseconds per shift, a reduction of 20 milliseconds. The car also underwent aerodynamic changes and improvements to the traction control system. Statistically, this is Ferrari's fastest car ever released.

Ferrari FXX #Evoluzione

Ferrari FXX #Evoluzione

In 2015 one of the FXX Evoluzione cars was bought by a private collector in the UK who was able to get the factory to modify the car for legal road use. The car remains in a private collection in northwest England and is most easily identifiable externally from track-only FXX cars by the addition of rear lights and number plates. Other modifications include the addition of a handbrake, modification of the fuelling system, and a lifter mechanism to raise the car on demand from its normal extremely low position. This car still wears the number 55.

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