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Ferrari Icona test mule spotted: rumoured for November debut

It's set to be based on the La Ferrari Aperta, with the throwback styling of the legendary 330-P4 racer

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By Shafiq Abidin

It's no secret that Ferrari are working on an all-combustion engined hypercar called the 'Icona', and it's set to be one of the last purely petrol powered vehicles to come from the Modenese manufacturer. The chaps over at the Ferrari Chat forum - who's rumours tend to be astonishingly accurate - have again been hard at work with the Icona. And if their gossip is to be believed, we're in for an incredible surprise.

It's being said that the Icona will adopt the naturally aspirated 6.5L V12 from the 812 Competizione: so it should produce around 830bhp and pull just over 510 lb-ft of torque. All that seems exciting enough, but it's the external features of the car that really whets the appetite. The Icona is supposedly going to draw inspiration from Ferrari's legendary 330-P4, of which two models (along with a 412P) crossed the finish line at Daytona in 1967 in a 1-2-3 formation akin to that of the Ford GT40 at Le Mans the previous year.

Ferrari 330-P4. Image credit: Raphael Dauvergne on Flickr.

Ferrari 330-P4. Image credit: Raphael Dauvergne on Flickr.

Ferrari's technical director Michael Leiters said back in May 2021 that the brand was developing a more powerful V12 than the one that's currently being used: which stirred suggestion that it could be used to propel the new Icona. Pair this with the known fact that Ferrari have been testing jacked up La Ferrari's for over a year now, and all the clues seem to point towards the Icona. Here's some images of the test mule:

Other rumours emanating from the Ferrari Chat forum are that Ferrari have actually already began to show some of their most valued customers the barebones of the Icona. Perhaps this is being done so Ferrari can really help to mould a timeless racer like the 330-P4 into the perfect modern take for customers. As stated earlier, the Icona is also set to draw inspiration from the La Ferrari Aperta, suggesting that it could be made into an open top vehicle like the P4 Spyder.

The Ferrari Chat forum are also keen to point out that the Icona may be restricted to just 300 models in a bid to retain its exclusivity, so you can expect the car to cost between $2.5 million and $3 million. The car is set to make its debut at Finali Mondiali in November of this year, and there are plenty of reasons to be excited at the thought of this potentially iconic throwback.

Are you excited for the unveiling of the new Icona?

Image credit: Aimery Dutheil on Flickr.

Image credit: Aimery Dutheil on Flickr.

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