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Ferrari mainly focussing on small mistakes in 2020

The 'young team' don't think fundamental problems are there issue, but rather small mistakes.

1y ago

The 2019 F1 season saw another failed title bid for Ferrari, after several years of attempts. And, while the team seeks to try again and win the championships in 2020, they believe that there are not many major changes are required for its ‘young team’.

The team has new people in various roles, so the experience is low. The Italian manufacturer intends to make less minor mistakes throughout the season, as Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto explained to the media, including FormulaRapida.net.

“I think each single mistakes, if you tackle it from a lesson learned point of view, you can improve yourself,” said Binotto. “I think there is nothing that has to be changed in terms of big changes, severely. I think it’s a matter of experience.

“We always said we are a young team, especially in the roles, we are on a very steep learning curve. So it’s really a matter of making sure that whatever happens in 2019 has been addressed.” The team were hampered by silly mistakes, especially against Mercedes.

Binotto also discussed the late-season downturn, which was sudden, as Ferrari had been on the up since the summer break, prior to the Japanese GP. The 50-year-old put this down to the upgrades Mercedes brought, while admitted to analyse what went wrong for them.

“We should not forget that Mercedes brought an area package at some stage, in Japan,” he said. “It’s true that as well, Red Bull has improved. In Abu Dhabi, our car never really suited to the circuit or to the track. It is certainly part of our analysis.

“It is something that we need to analyse because certainly in terms of plan, it seems that we’ve lost some of performance, competitive performance in the last races [of 2019]. And as well analysing Abu Dhabi, which is again very specific.

“But there is much to learn why we are not competitive in the last sector or why on maybe on new tyres or start of the race we could have followed the others but when the tyre are more worn it’s more difficult for us. So I do not have an answer.”

There were major speculations that Ferrari performances dip when there were stories around the FIA directive, which Binotto always maintained that, it is usual thing. The Italian dismissed any affects due to the directives, especially on the power unit side.

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  • Binotto is right. There were many small mistakes that cost them titles.

    The car was fine.

      1 year ago
    • I think Binotto was a good technical director but not the best solution to manage a team . He can't handle Vettel & Leclerc with a competitive car ( wich have a team in the end of the season ) this unclear decisions can cost for the title . I belive...

      Read more
        1 year ago