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Ferrari Monza Sp1: beauty or beast?

This brand new open-top, one seat Ferrari was seen by me at Dream Ride 2020... and I don't know how to feel about it...

4w ago


I had my first chance to view this very new and very rare Ferrari in person recently at Dream Ride Exp. 2020 in Farmington Connecticut and I must say I do not know how to feel about the car. I believe we can all agree it's very unique, however, I'm not sure it's beautiful... or even good looking. The Sp1 is certainly awesome to see in person based on how rare and expensive the car is however, I'm not sure it would come close to stealing the show otherwise.

This spec, which personally I do not love, does not help the Sp1's cause to being seen as a properly beautiful or striking Ferrari to me. Now one sub-par spec is not one to turn me away from a car however, I have yet to see a spec even on the internet of the Sp1 I do like. Despite this. I much prefer this to it's two seater version: the Sp2. (poll at end of article)

Another thing I can say for certain is that I would sooner have the similar open-top track cars from McLaren and Aston Martin than this. I think the Aston Martin Speedster especially is far better looking. But I still want to know, how do you feel about all these open track cars? What are your thoughts on the Sp1? Answer in my poll at the end of the article as well as tell me in the comments!

Tell me in the comments your feelings towards the Sp1 as well as the Aston and the McLaren and how they ranked on your poll!

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Comments (13)

  • That Livery really let it down. It looks like actual lipstick on a pig

      28 days ago
  • Simple test. If there wasn't a F badge on it, or if it was some emerging anonymous brand, would you like it?

    I wouldn't. It's a mess. Beast for sure, beautiful it sure isn't.

      28 days ago
  • I hate the paint. Looks like a kid that just ate spaghetti-o's and didn't wash his face.

      24 days ago
  • Do I see a ghost of 1957 vintage 250 Testarossa?

      27 days ago
    • I believe that’s what the car is based on however I much prefer the testarossa

        27 days ago
    • I prefer the Testarossa too. It looks more curvy and lighter, while this one's curves look restrained, almost like "o, well, we have to have them" and it also looks bulky. Besides, Testarossa is 4-speed, firstly, then 5-speed manual. This...

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        27 days ago
  • I wish they had involved the original styling houses in the Icona series.

      28 days ago