Ferrari Numero Uno

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Designed by Giacchino Columbo, Guiseppe Busso and Luigi Bazzi, the 125S made it's first racing debut in Piacenza on 11th May 1947.

Powered by a tiny 1497cc V12 engine with an output of 118hp, the 125S immediately took pole position, but did not finish the race.

Two weeks later it raced again, at the Rome Grand Prix - where it triumphed ahead of a (then dominating) Maserati.

Next raced at at Parma, the 125S placed first and second, with the legendary Nuvolari taking the win.

The 125 S used a steel tube-frame chassis and had a double wishbone suspension with transverse leaf springs in front with a live axle in the rear. Hydraulic power drum brakes were used front and rear.

The same engine later powered the 125 F1, a Formula One car.

This restoration is built on chassis serial number 010I. It is rumored that 010I is actually s/n 01C. The story goes that 01C was re-stamped as 010I, and sold to a customer as a new car. Upon taking receipt of the car, the new owner immediately exclaimed, muletto!, which means "Test mule" in Italian, as he could clearly see that his supposedly new car was in fact a used, well-raced car. Ferrari made a new invoice for the car, including a considerable rebate given the car's second-hand nature.

Photographed at The Museo Ferrari, Modena, Italy in 2016



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