Ferrari once made a supercharged two-stroke 3-cylinder engine

T​his is about as random as engines get!

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Ferrari only really dabbles with V8s and V12s these days but what if we were to tell you that they built a tiny 3-cylinder engine back in the 1990s, that was a two-stroke?!

I dive into the mechanics of this random little engine!

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  • This engine might see the light in the coming years, I think the technology exists to make it work especially with Hybrid systems to provide Torque.

    Anyway thanks for the Video.

      4 days ago
    • I agree, combined with a hybrid system it could be really effective.

        3 days ago
    • It may have, back in 1994, but with the acceptance of pure EVs, hardly seems worth the bother.

      Now it may be useful in aviation where mass and reliability are very important.

        1 day ago
  • They could have put four of them together and made a v12

      21 hours ago
  • Back in the 80's, there was a Midlands based company that wanted to develop a 2 stroke engine with a 'stepped' piston/cylinder combination.

    With the lower part of the piston having a greater diameter than the upper part, this acted liked a supercharger to feed air to one of the other cylinders.

    It also had a traditional wet sump.

    Your buddy, James May, knows about the Ford Fiesta 2 Stroke that they had at Autocar.

    I think what really killed development was the introduction of catalytic converters, these caused a high back pressure, something that is not desirable. Turbo charging causes a similar problem.

    But look on the plus side, we don't have to put up with cars that sound like the engine is broken.

      1 day ago