Ferrari or Pasta?

Let's play a game! Seeing as you're on Drivetribe, you must call yourself a petrol head - so I expect you to get 100% Correct!

Here's the thing. Some Ferrari editions have names which sound rather like pasta. And there are some pastas which sound rather like Ferrari special editions. You call yourself a petrol head? Then see if you can tell which of these are pasta dishes and which are Ferraris!

So? How did you do? Could you spot all the Ferraris hidden amongst the pasta?

What do you think of my latest 'Grand Tour' idea?


So don't go to an Italian restaurant and order Scagliette Bolognese or go to your local Ferrari dealer and try to order a 458 Quadrefiori!

Martyn Stanley

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Comments (9)

  • I got all right except 20 and 24. Is that a pass?

      4 years ago
    • It means you have to go to an Italian and order Ascari Carbonara, then got to a Ferrari dealer and ask if you get a Michelotti. :P

        4 years ago
    • Will you know if I secretly mix them around when I ask?

        4 years ago
  • Fiorino is a FIAT, Fiorano is a Ferarri.

      2 years ago