- The Ferrari that was ticketed after parking over two spaces - image from Kevin McWhinney

Ferrari Owner Fined For Parking Over Two Spaces!

1y ago


The owner of this Ferrari California T was left furious after being fined for parking his Italian supercar over two spaces in a car park.

The owner, Kevin McWhinney, a sausage maker from Northern Ireland said he had paid for two parking tickets, one to cover each space he had parked over. The sausage maker said he did this because his car is very valuable and also quite wide for a standard parking space. The owner also has had his vehicle damaged before when parking the Ferrari in a standard car parking space.

The two parking tickets the owner purchased for the car - Image from Kevin McWhinney

The Ferrari California T is powered by a 3.9L V8 engine, producing 552BHP, a 0-60MPH time of 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 196MPH. The owner appealed the ticket, which was later rejected by the local council. The owner of the car said that he'd been parking his car over 2 parking spaces for any years without having any trouble with tickets.

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Comments (8)
  • Always look for a parallel parking space. It's safer.

    1 year ago
  • Since he paid for it, he shouldn't get fined for it. I can guarantee if it was caravan under same circumstances, they would get away with it. What an ugly mindset some people have.

    1 year ago
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