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Ferrari Purosangue test mule spotted

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The Ferrari Purosangue has been doomed to the depths of automotive hell before it’s been given a chance to live. Such cynicism however is to be expected of a performance SUV; although Ferrari are keen to distance the Purosangue from that filthy term. Instead, Ferrari would much rather you refer to the car via what its name translates to in English: “thoroughbred”. I would attempt to say that out loud, but the word chokes me.

Despite people’s predetermined opinion, Ferrari is dedicated to bringing the abomination to production. And if the video found in this article is accurate, the Purosangue test mule has been spied.

While many will be eager to point out that this is merely the body of a GTC4Lusso, the more perceptive amongst you will have spotted the raised ride height, and the flared arches to accommodate greater wheel travel. Of course, the belief that it is a Purosangue test mule is merely speculation - but I personally wouldn’t be surprised if Ferrari were using the GTC4Lusso’s body to test something that will eventually see use on their “SUV”.

You’ll also notice in the video how the car drives forward, comes to a stop, and then after the driver looks over to see someone holding a camera, he reverses quickly out of sight. While there’s no saying this proves Ferrari are being especially secretive around what this car is, it could potentially be the reason why he backed up.

But now I want to ask you guys: do you think this is a Purosangue test mule? Do you think the driver reversed to try and avoid being too exposed? Or do you even care? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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  • I was gonna say, it looks flared and raised.

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