Ferrari red or banana yellow?

This Ferrari is being painted color Rosso scuderia. Still one the most popular colors for the legend. Would this be your choice as well?

4y ago

For some it easy, for others it's like breaking up with your girlfriend. Colors are these days more pretty then decades ago. Thanks to technology and development. Glitter, tints, color combinations it's like a Super- Hypercar garage: WHAT TO CHOOSE?

Next to the famous Ferrari Rosso Scuderia we have Giallo Modena (Yellow) and ofcourse Nero DS1250 and Nero Daytona (black) as most popular colors. My personal taste is definitely Rosso Scuderia.

photo by Ferrari

photo by Ferrari

What would be your Ferrari model and color choice?

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Comments (5)

  • Giallo Modena (Yellow). Just because there are too many red ones

      4 years ago
  • I'm a sucker for yellow myself. Genetic weakness.

      4 years ago
  • Red is a bit of a cliche, however it does depend on perspective. As a supercar enthusiast and writer I have been fortunate enough to have driven several Ferrari's, however they have all been black or blue. I do love Tour de France blue on a Ferrari, that being said I am rather giddy due to the fact I will testing a rosso corsa 488 GTB in LA in January. Sometimes a red Ferrari is best. I loved driving the 458 and FF, so both in red please.

    My 458 adventure.

      4 years ago
  • A red Ferrari will always make heads turn; and people automatically know it's Ferrari you're driving. Not saying people won't notice you in that yellow F12 TDF; but non-automotive folk may dismiss it as yet "another Lamborghini with a flashy paintjob".

      4 years ago
  • There is just something about a red Ferrari!

      4 years ago