Ferrari reveals 488 replacement: Meet the F8 Tributo

Ferrari has treated us to a look at its incoming 488 replacement ahead of its official reveal at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

This is the new F8 Tributo – and it’s a bit quick. Here’s what you need to know:

Power. So much power.

Just as Lambo recently released the updated Huracan Evo which matches the power of the pointier, more track-focused Performante, the ‘entry level’ F8 matches the power of the pointier, more track-focused 488 Pista at 710bhp. That’s 50 more than the 488 GTB, a car not often accused of lacking poke. It’s the same 3.9 litre twin-turbo V8 as its predecessor, a powertrain which Ferrari never misses a chance to remind us is winner of the ‘engine of the year’ award three years running now. Turbo lag? Absolutely none, they claim.

Zero to 60 will take 2.9 seconds, and top speed is 211mph. It’s surely no coincidence that the new F8 has exactly the same horsepower as McLaren’s 720S, which has become something of a supercar benchmark of late. Lots of squeaky bums in Woking this morning, no doubt.

It’s clever

The F8 will steal some of the best bits off the Pista, namely an S-duct at the front and other aero tweaks that make for improved cooling and a 15 per cent increase in downforce. It also weighs 40kg less than the 488 GTB.

What’s more, it will feature the latest versions of Ferrari’s array of electronic assists all designed to keep their wealthy clientele alive long enough to get their names down for the inevitable hardcore version that will arrive a couple years from now.

It’s retro-cool

See that rear glass engine cover? Look familiar? That’s an homage to the great F40. Pretty cool.

And those tail lights are inspired by those on Ferrari’s first V8 Berlinetta: the 308 GTB. Overall – in the eyes of this viewer at least – it’s a significantly more beautiful and dramatic-looking car than the 488 and 458 that came before it.

It’s NOT a hybrid

Many test cars – which we now understand to have been the F8 in disguise – were snapped around Maranello in recent months and the burning question regarding Ferrari’s new mid-engined V8 model was: will we see a hybrid powertrain akin to that of the LaFerrari?

Turns out, no. Or at least not yet. There’s a chance the F8, like the new Porsche 911, has been designed in such a way that it’s ready to accommodate a hybrid powertrain when Ferrari are ready to do so. Only time will tell.