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Ferrari reveals its latest one-off called the SP3JC

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Ferrari seems to be producing a fair few one-off creations lately and the SP3JC is the latest in the line of tailor made cars for extremely rich customers.

The SP3JC was commissioned by John Collins who owns Talacrest, a dealership specialising in classic Ferraris. Built by Ferrari’s Special Projects Division, the SP3JC follows the same ideology of their previous creations by being based on an existing car but is extensively modified with changes to both the interior and exterior of the car.

Image Source: Carscoops

The main thing to know about the SP3JC is that it’s based on the 812 Superfast. This means that the car has a 790bhp V12, with power being sent to the back wheels. To my knowledge, this is the first open-air variant of the 812 Superfast and this is interesting as it comes at the same time as the reports of Ferrari considering to produce a mass-market 812 convertible.

Despite having no fixed roof, the SP3JC has a number of features that are unique to its design. At the front, the car uses headlights similar to the ones found on the F12 Berlinetta rather than the 812 and also features a wide front grille with smaller vents to the side of it.

Round back, the car’s rear has been completely redone with an interesting bumper design which incorporates a carbon fibre diffuser with a quad exhaust set up. Above the diffuser, there are two long slits which have an unknown function, and above those sit the taillights which are connected with a slight curve.

Image Source: instagram.com/talacrest

Colour wise, the car is finished in a base coat of silver with a large section of the front being painted in blue and there are yellow accents dotted around the car.

I haven’t found any pictures of the interior but I’m sure it’s just as special there as it is on the inside.

What do you think?

I think this is cool but it looks too similar like other convertible one-offs built by Ferrari. I want to know what you think so feel free to leave a comment with your opinion.

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Comments (5)
  • It looks like a sports designed clown shoe...

    17 days ago
  • F12 TdF not 812 based

    17 days ago


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